Sunday, October 31, 2010

In My Mailbox (correct link)

Mailbox Monday is now on a blog tour.

This month's host is Julie at Knitting and Sundries, a new blog to me and her quote is 'Never judge a book by its movie" - ain't that true! Visit every week this month to see links to the latest and greatest books arriving in mailboxes! Be aware, though, visiting can lead to book envy and toppling TBR piles!
Julie will also be offering a different giveaway every week throughout November to encourage participation!

I don't participate in this meme often but I found Julie's blog today and enjoyed looking through so wanted to support.

I just came back from vacation and this was in my mailbox, such a surprise, I completely forgot about agreeing to review Beneath the silver lining by Amanda Wolfe, it sounds good don't it?  My review will be up end of November.

Summary from Amazon -

Amanda hopes to take you with her into her dark past. One which she tried desperately to bury, she buried all of her terrible little family secrets of lies, abuse, sexual abuse and mistrust inside the imaginary black box inside her. It kept her sane and able to live life without the fear, dread and angst of it all. Well, almost, guilt ridden for years and full of a deep sadness she didn’t understand, trusting no-one with her feelings until now. She eventually had to face her past so she could find her future. This book will make you laugh, cry and be angry. Come with her on a journey that is twisted, frightening and strangely erotic. It will keep you reading and wanting more...

I also downloaded Glimpse, a Verse Novel, my review is here and my all time favourite movie, Silence of the Lambs, I wanted to be finished reading it today but that is not going to happen.

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  1. Hi,

    Your blog is new to me. Enjoy your new book it sounds interesting. Happy reading!

  2. I can't believe I haven't found you before! THAT'S what I really really like about these memes .. they help us all meet each other! Beneath the Silver Lining sounds great! Can't wait to see your review. Silence of the Lambs is one of my favorite movies, too ... I know .. I'm a bit twisted that way!

    Thanks for linking up!

    Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

  3. This looks like a creepy book, just by the cover.

    You commented on my book club and the book selections... I just finished reading The Good Sister - this is really good. I can't wait to discuss it later this month.

    Have a great week!

  4. I watched Silence of the Lambs - alone. Scared the heck out of me!!!
    I'll be interested in your review of Beneath the Silver Lining. Have a good week!

  5. The Black Box looks good...I love the synopsis and the cover. Hope you enjoy it...

    Here's mine:

    Click on my name....

  6. Ooohhh, Secrets of the Black Box sounds like it has real potential. I hope it lives up to it!

    Enjoy your reading this week!

  7. Sounds intense! Hope you like it. My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.

  8. That sounds like a good creepy read. I'll have to watch for what your thoughts on it. Enjoy!

  9. Sounds like the perfect book for this time of year!

  10. Wow! That Black Box books sounds pretty intense. I work with adult victims of childhood sexual abuse and many of them talk about keeping the abuse in a box insider themselves, so the whole concept of the book sounds very realistic to me. But also like something I don;t want to read, since I work with it every day.

  11. Marce:
    So glad you are participating!! I get to see what books you have found and that I should add to my tbr list since we have the same likes. This book sounds like the ones you enjoy!!

  12. It does sound good...I hope it turns out to be a great read!

  13. This one sounds very heavy, hope it has a happy ending!

  14. Sounds intense. Looking forward to your thoughts.


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