Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Blog Button - maybe not

UPDATE - I am seriously rethinking.  My 4 year old said ewww gross, I don't think a great choice now, lol

I finally decided I needed a blog button that really represents my blog and me, do you like?

Having tea, pretty long nails, blade with knife and of course lots of blood.........  The blood is to assist the police with the crime NOT for me to drink, vampires, I don't think so.

If you are new to Tea Time with Marce, my favorite genres are Thriller, Suspense, Mystery and a little adult fiction and horrors.

I still haven't figured out how to include the code etc, sorry.  


  1. LOL, how did you make this Marce? It's all you...but yikes a lot of blood. :)

  2. Ok so way creepy but also very creative and definitely eye catching.

  3. Ok it is to much, lol It is a little yikes, giggling

  4. If you are open to change, my humble opinion is maybe tone it down a bit...remember, some of us will be posting it on our own blogs too, heehee!

  5. All I can say, I will not be having tea with you anytime soon. hee, hee. Way to scary for me. But, if you love it, have fun with it.

  6. I seriously feel like the joke is on me, way to much but the image is amazing. This photographer is great. garden-of-dreams25

  7. WAY too scary for me. I didn't even want to click on this post because I didn't want to see the photo blown up. hAHA. However, it matches your reading taste perfectly, and I think it is a one of a kind! It will surely capture everyone's attention!! :D So I guess I'm torn haha

  8. I will keep it up until Halloween and decide then, hahahhahahaha.

    I did put the other back up though, it should be your choice ;-)

    Don't worry, I will never have guests over for a bloody tea party, unless you wanted to come to help solve the crime of course.......

  9. I love it! I think it represents your blog well :) The other one is cute... but I wouldn't have guessed you like the thriller etc genre :) Maybe cozy mystery hehehe.

    Well we don't want to scare your readers away... maybe a little less blood?!

  10. I love teh badge - it's awesome!

    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  11. It's creepy yes, but I love it! Where did you get this? The photography is fabulous!


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