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Review - Bloodman by Robert Pobi

Book Summary from Amazon - Published May 2012

FBI contractor Jake Cole deciphers the language of murderers by reconstructing three-dimensional crime scene models in his head, a talent that has left his nerves frayed and his psyche fragile. Jake returns to Montauk, New York, for the first time in a quarter of a century when his father, a renowned painter, lights himself ablaze and crashes through a plate-glass window. Once home, Jake is pulled into a gruesome local homicide investigation that echoes his mother’s murder three decades earlier.
As he sifts through the detritus of his father’s madness, Jake discovers thousands of seemingly meaningless paintings stacked in the studio – a bizarre trail of dust-covered breadcrumbs the painter left as he tumbled down the rabbit hole of dementia. Breadcrumbs that Jake believes lead to the killer.

With the help of Sheriff Dan Hauser – a man scrambling to prepare the seaside community for the arrival of a catastrophic hurricane – Jake Cole sets out to find the seemingly unstoppable force of malevolence known as the Bloodman.

A unique and disquieting thriller that redefines the genre, Bloodman will leave you reeling long after its operatic finale.

My Review 3 More Sugar Please

This is categorized as a thriller but I think it should be categorized for the horror genre fans with a psychological thriller feel. I love reading about serial killers - I even started a Serial Killer Reading Challenge so the excitement and expectation is already set high.  This is a debut by Robert Pobi that I can see huge potential for his future but not quite there yet.  With some more experience I would say he could be in the same category as Dennis Lehane and Stephen King.  Even though they are not my cup of tea they have an amazing fan base and Robert Pobi made me think of there works.

The beginning was great, edgy with numerous suspense moments to keep you wondering.  The serial killer the police are looking for skins his victims so definitely a novel for those that can handle gruesome details.  There is a hurricane coming into the town also, so the police are dealing with evacuation but also trying to hunt down the killer. We have those scenarios but Jake initially comes into town to care for his father who has Alzeheimers, so many twist to try and play with your mind but for those that are fans of this genre I think will be able to figure it out.

By the time I got half way I was starting to get bored, I felt numerous things were being repeated and not benefiting the investigation so they felt like filler instead of adding to the story.  My disclaimer..... I never do this so will feel less guilty stating.  I had 100 pages left and decided to read the last 3 chapters, it was what I had expected so I didn't bother to complete, so in the end I probably didn't read 75 pages.

Some scenes were amazing in my opinion and can be looked at as for shock value to others.  I do enjoy the unorthodox detectives but I don't know if Jake truly passes the test as being as highly respected in the profession as the author wanted us to believe.

Overall a good try, I would be willing to try this author again and that is why I finally decided on a 3, it was sitting at 2 1/2 for awhile.

This one will go towards 2 challenges, my serial killer and horror read.


  1. I'm not sure I could get past the cover - it's very creepy.

  2. Too bad it was a bit of a letdown. That is one creepy cover.

  3. That cover is just scary!! Lovely Bones was very good and so very sad.


  4. The premise sounds interesting, and I love the cover (reminds me of Silence of the Lamb somewhat). Too bad it didn't quite live up to expectations...

  5. I'm on the tour too and when I received the book last week I was, and still am, creeped out by it. I decided to skip your review til I've read it.

  6. A horror book that is boring? That doesn't sound quite right! :-)

  7. Sounds like it leans way to far into horror for me.

  8. I liked this one. Some of it was too much but after the first 50 pages or so I was completely drawn in. I finished at 1 am and when I crawled into bad I woke my husbamd to ask if he was the Bloodman ;) I was really creeped out.


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