Tuesday, December 19, 2017

2018 New Release - I am excited

During the holidays, I usually Google my favourite authors just to see if I have missed a book and I can also plan my 'must' reading list for the new year, well yaaaaay, Lisa Genova is coming out with her new one in March.  I have enjoyed all of her books, Still Alice being a Top 3 favourite of all times.

Book Summary from authors site

An accomplished pianist, Richard received standing ovations from audiences all over the world in awe of his rare combination of emotional resonance and flawless technique. Every finger of his hands was a finely calibrated instrument, dancing across the keys and sticking each note with exacting precision. That was eight months ago.
Richard now has ALS, and his entire right arm is paralyzed. His fingers are impotent, still, devoid of possibility. The loss of his hand feels like a death, a loss of true love, a divorce - his divorce. 

He knows his left arm will go next.

Three years ago, Karina removed their framed wedding picture from the living room wall and hung a mirror there instead.But she still hasn't moved on. Karina is paralyzed by excuses and fear, stuck in an unfulfilling life as a piano teacher, afraid to pursue the path she abandoned as a young woman, blaming Richard and their failed marriage for all of it. 

When Richard becomes increasingly paralyzed and is no longer able to live on his own, Karina becomes his reluctant caretaker. As Richard's muscles, voice, and breath fade, both he and Karina try to reconcile their pasts before it's too late.

What Lisa Genova book is your favourite?

Still Alice - 5 star, I read before blogging.  The movie was great also.

Love Anthony 3 1/2 star - My Review

Left Neglected 4 1/2 star - My Review

Inside the O'Briens - 3 star No Review


  1. I’ve only read Still Alice but I really liked it. I need to read her others. I see them at thrift stores sometimes. Next time I’ll buy any I see.

  2. Sadly, I haven't read any of her books.

    1. I think you will really enjoy her work Kathy.

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