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Review - Unhinge by Calia Read

Book Summary

Published January 12, 2016

In Calia Read’s electrifying and steamy novel of psychological suspense, a handsome stranger shatters a beautiful young woman’s picture-perfect vision of her past.

Hold your breath and count to ten. Soon it will be over before it ever began.
No matter how many times Victoria Donovan repeats that phrase to herself, she’s still trapped behind the walls of a mental institution. Once upon a time, her life was like a fantasy: Wes, the handsome fiancé, followed by a storybook wedding and a white picket fence. But then a picture-perfect marriage twisted into something sinister. And as Victoria’s world warped from dream to nightmare, her husband’s obsessions pushed her beyond the breaking point.

At first Fairfax Mental Health Institute seems like a safe place for Victoria to heal with her baby, Evelyn, and to hide from Wes, presumed dead by everyone except Victoria. Her husband is still alive, she has no doubt: He slips into her room at night to torment and tempt her. One smoldering kiss and she’s powerless. Of course, no one believes her about these visits. When she meets a sexy, mysterious stranger intent on helping her recall her past, Victoria isn’t sure she can trust him. But deep in her heart, she also knows that the only way out of Fairfax is to remember the way she came in.

My Review - 4 1/2 star

Psychological Suspense

Wow, wow and wow.  This is a book I wished I was able to read in 1 seating, staying up until almost 2am for two nights is not me but I couldn't get enough.  The storytelling has you on the edge of your seat.

Victoria has been in a verbal and physical abusive marriage and something so bad has happened she is now in a mental institution. The story is mainly told from her point of view, I never felt that she was crazy but couldn't wait to find out what really put her there.  She couldn't remember and her Doctor was slowly showing her pictures to assist with bringing back the memories. 

Farifax Mental Health Institute was where most of the story took place.  You knew something was off but there is no way to figure it out.  Her husband Wes was scary, the total beautiful handsome perfect to the outside world husband but those mind games that became physical, shocking. There are other storylines that I am unable to go into but it is executed perfectly, you will not want to put this book down.

It finally gets to 90% almost and then you are saying WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.  I totally thought I missed something, saved the page because I thought I would have to go back and then the mastermind craziness is revealed.  Sometimes I think authors wrap it all up with no flaws but it really came at the perfect time and was a great ending.  Sometimes Plan A don't work out so you go with Plan B, it was a whoa thrilling moment but made so much sense, not one that could have been thought of.

You did pick up that something was wrong and depressive about Victoria and it was fine.  The ultimate ending makes your heart melt, finally the beginning of healing.

Note - now I understand why it says adult audience and used words like steamy.  It is not erotica but the sex scenes are detailed, there was I believe two, if you are not into that you can easily skip over.  Calia Read books are amazing, so glad I found this author.  You can read them out of order.  It says Book 2 but the only consistent is Fairfax, looks like we will get stories about a mental institution that gives us a psychological suspense.

This is really close to a 5 star read but a major character should have been in the ending scenes, I am confused why she isn't.  Also a major part of what can be considered Victoria being crazy, I can't believe would happen.  It won't be allowed and other patients would totally mention it, I wish they would have did this a little different.

I highly recommend both of these books.  Unravel is now $2.99 and Unhinge is $6.99 on Kindle.

My Review of Unravel, also 4 1/2


  1. Always looking for new psychological thrillers. I've not seen this one before. Glad you liked it. Great review.

  2. This one definitely sounds intense. I love books that twist my mind around. Will keep this one in mind. :-)

  3. Oh, now I'm super-curious about the big twist at the end!

  4. I want to read this one so badly! It sounds great and I will be picking it up soon! Great review!

  5. I love psychological thrillers. I don't prefer erotica or erotic scenes but if it isn't throughout the stories I can just breeze through them. Glad to see you back blogging again, Marce. I was away for a bit but back too :)


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