Monday, April 18, 2016

Review - Dear Emma by Katie Heaney

Published - March 1, 2016

Received from NetGalley

Amazon's Summary

Harriet, the author of her college newspaper's pseudonymous student advice column "Dear Emma," is great at telling others what to do, dispensing wisdom for the lovelorn and lonely on her Midwestern campus. Somehow, though, she can't take her own advice, especially after Keith, the guy she's dating, blows her off completely. When Harriet discovers that Keith has started seeing the beautiful and intimidating Remy, she wants to hate her. But she can't help warming to Remy, who soon writes to "Dear Emma" asking for romantic advice.

Now Harriet has the perfect opportunity to take revenge on the person who broke her heart. But as she begins to doubt her own motivations and presumably faultless guidance, she's forced to question how much she really knows about love, friendship and well-meaning advice.

My Review - 3

I wanted something light and saw this on Netgalley and was intrigued.  It felt very young to me, maybe it is for YA fans. I read it rolling my eyes most of the time.

I enjoyed the character Emma and the advice she gave to the college students in their newspaper for the column Dear Emma.  My main issue is that Harriet is nothing like the strong willed decisive Emma and I couldn't help to not care about her character, she came across as flaky mainly for herself and the friendships didn't feel real to me.  It all felt high schoolish, not like college life.
She is 'dating' a guy when he stops texting her.

She bitches and complains and does nothing.

Her new library colleague, Remy, just happens to be the new girlfriend of her now 'ex'.

Of course Harriet hates her.

She talks about it with her roommates with no decision on what to do.

Then Remy writes in 'Dear Emma' my boyfriend hasn't contacted me in 3 days, deja vu.

Sigh........ This is how it felt to me.  A little choppy, not great execution.

Harriett has two roommates who she cares a lot for but the relationships didn't feel real to me.  It was more disturbing that she considered one to be her best friend.  I did find it interesting when one friend is having amazing moments in their life and the other is in a low place it is hard to want to share which ends up putting walls up between them.  I thought this was a good storyline but could have been more fleshed out.

I didn't connect with any characters and it definitely didn't feel like college days to me either.  As this was inspired from Jane Austen's Emma, which I haven't read, I would recommend to those fans.  It gets a 3 because I finished it but definitely not my cup of tea, more like a 2 1/2.


  1. It sounds a little silly and predictable to me. I think I'll skip it.

    1. Uggggh, this is why I try not to go outside of my genre without lots of recommendations.

  2. Hmm...I'll probably give it a miss. Hope the next book will be better!

  3. I can see how this would frustrate me as well. It has a nice premise so it's a pity it doesn't seem to be written well.

  4. Boo! I don't like those books that have promise but lack execution, especially when the execution seems trivial and childish. I hope you have better luck on your next book!

  5. sorry you didn't like this one.I don't think I would enjoy it either though I don't really read YA.


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