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Review - The Sinner Book 5 of Graveyard Series

Published - September 27, 2016

Book Summary

I am a living ghost, a wanderer in search of my purpose and place… 
I'm a cemetery restorer by trade, but my calling has evolved from that of ghost seer to death walker to detective of lost souls. I solve the riddles of the dead so the dead will leave me alone. 
I've come to Seven Gates Cemetery nursing a broken heart, but peace is hard to come by…for the ghosts here and for me. When the body of a young woman is discovered in a caged grave, I know that I've been summoned for a reason. Only I can unmask her killer. I want to trust the detective assigned to the case for he is a ghost seer like me. But how can I put my faith in anyone when supernatural forces are manipulating my every thought? When reality is ever-changing? And when the one person I thought I could trust above all others has turned into a diabolical stranger?

My Review - Book 5 of the Graveyard Series
3 1/2 stars

We have new covers and a slightly different feel to the story now.  I understand change must happen but for me the new just didn't work.  Amanda Stevens creates the creepy atmosphere brilliantly and that does capture you but the storylines no longer pull me in.

I was really hoping this was going to be the ending of the series but there is one more to wait for, The Awakening due out March 2017.  It sounds like it will be about Devlin who I really miss.  He became the love of Amelia but there were secrets, suspense around who and what he really was.  I feel like I have been waiting for 2 books now which is also a huge disappointment for me.  Amelia and Devlin had a connection, I would like to have an ending to it as she even wonders why he is still on her mind.

Another man, possible love interest is used in the Sinner, at first I didn't understand but The Sinner was using him to get to Amelia, this was well done and definitely bought a sense of fear but also pull to Amelia that she sensed as attraction but knew better to accept that.

He was all too aware of the changes inside me and sometimes still I would catch him watching me with those dark, soulful eyes as if to say, I know who you are but I don't know what you are and that worries me.  Kindle 21%

She gets pulled into an investigation when she comes across a body in the cemetery she is restoring.  The body looks fresh like it had just been put there and it was in a caged grave.  Some of the history about cemeteries is also a nice feature in the books and allows us to learn more about Amelia's legacy.

What part was I to play in all this?  I wondered.  As much as i had learned about myself and about my gift, I still sometimes puzzled over my destiny.  I could endure, if not embrace, my role in helping trapped spirits move on.. In time, I might even learn to accept my great-grandmother's legacy of tracking those supernatural beings she and Papa had called malcontents - entities with no other earthbound purpose than to create chaos among the living.  Kindle 79%

I really feel like The Visitor and The Sinner didn't progress enough which has frustrated me and lessened my reading pleasure with these books. I don't regret starting this series, the beginning ones are memorable and loved my time reading them.

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  1. Sorry. It's bad enough when they change cover amid series but having the whole tone of the story change is no good.

  2. I'm not big on ghosts so this may not be for me.

  3. I enjoyed this one more than book 4, I got back into things with this one.

  4. This sounds like such an intriguing series. I hope you will enjoy the next book in the series a little better. :)


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