Sunday, January 31, 2010

Unsure what to read next? Go to

I just found this website and had to share.... It gives you Amazon and LibraryThing recommendations according to what you read last. How cool is that.

Go have a try.....
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  1. Super cool! Thanks for the link! :-)

  2. That thing is fun. I finally had to shut the window or I would have played with it all day. I definitely like the LibrayThing recommendations better than the Amazon ones.

  3. It didn't give me a Library Thing recommendation :( It is fun though.

  4. Thanks for the link - a fun way to add to the ever growing TBR list. :-)

  5. Wow ... that is really cool!! Thanks for sharing that!

    I have yet another award for you here for being a great follower!! :)

  6. Thanks for the link! This will definitely help in the future, or mostly add more books to my TBR pile! lol


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