Monday, February 13, 2012

Fever Series - what I am reading....

Friends, over the weekend I posted Do you think I'll catch the Fever?

I think some of you thought I meant I did and recommended the Fever Series.  Well I am only 30% in and so far not catching the fever guys, so wait out for the review, it may not be for us.

Not vampires but about Faeries, the evil ones, not really getting it yet, rolling my eyes.

Last week I completed

Currently Reading

I really have no idea what is next, so much been going on personally my mind is overwhelmed with real life.


  1. I hope your life settles down soon!

  2. Even though I loved this series I admit to having a hard time getting into it as Mac was so annoying to me, but Barrons was intriguing enough to keep me reading. Paranormal is NOT my genre, but I did enjoy this series.

  3. I love the Fever series but like you, when I read book 1, was tempted to not read the other books. Fever is a series that gets better with each book. Some people stick with it and fall in love (like me). Others stop reading after book 1 or 2. I say if you have the time, keep reading. It is definitely worth it.


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