Sunday, January 22, 2012

January going far to fast, what are you reading?

Sheila over at Book Journey has an incentive for networking so go over and have fun while continuing to add to your 2012 Wishlist.

Can you believe it is the 22/23, where has this month gone already, unreal to me.  January hasn't been the best reading month for me so far, even had a reading slump, i'm hoping to read some good books this week at least.

I loved Amanda Stevens last year after reading The Restorer and The Abandoned.

I am currently reading Book 2, The Graveyard Queen series from NetGalley, enjoying it, make sure to start with The Restorer.

I completed

Next is a book for review


  1. The month has truly flown by - it seems like Christmas was yesterday. I hope you have a great week of reading!

  2. love the cover of The Kingdom! I will have to check that one out...oh wait, i've already got a zillion on hold on netgalley ~ ah geez, too many i want to read! Happy reading this week Marce!

  3. I am eager for winter to get over with but I am also sad that I haven't read as much as I normally do. I had a reading slump at the beginning of the month.

    I have been interested in the Amanda Stevens mysteries but haven't tried them yet. The Ellen DeGeneres book looks good too.

    Have a great week!

  4. The Ellen Degeneres book looks incredibly good! Hoping to pick it for a bookclub book soon!! :)

    Great week!

  5. Bed Bugs the novel, have to say, that's new! ;)

    Follower! Come see my Monday as well! Have a great week everyone!

  6. I just grabbed The Kingdom as well since I enjoyed The Restorer so much

    Wishing you a great reading week!
    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  7. January is definitely flying. I'm flabbergasted! I hope you have a good reading week - I' m curious about Luck of the Draw, looks interesting.

  8. The days are flying it is true!

  9. I can't believe we are month into this year!


  10. I'm curious about Bedbugs...and I love Ellen funny.

    Enjoy your week!

    Here's MY MONDAY MEMES POST - and here’s

  11. Sorry about the reading slump -- yes, the year is moving right along, isn't it? But it sounds like you've read some really fun books. I love Ellen Degeneres -- also loved your review of her book, and the quotes.

    Happy reading this week!

  12. Bedbugs has caught my eye.

    My last semester beings on Wednesday. This is my last week of reading tons for a while. Please come see what I'm reading.

  13. We all go through slumps, plenty of reading time still coming this year!!

    Have a great week!

  14. Bedbugs??? ok, I'm curious now too! Happy Reading!

  15. I've got The Restorer and after reading such good reviews, I've to to get to it. Have a great reading week.

  16. Great list of books! I agree with you - this month is already going pretty fast!

  17. Where has this month gone? Wasn't it just New Year's Eve yesterday? :-) Enjoy your books this week!

  18. DANG! I almost want to go back to NetGalley just for the Graveyard Queen but I am going to try and wait till it is out. That is on my MUST READ list :)

  19. Last year absolutely flew, and I'm afraid 2012 is going to be the same way. It looks like you finished some great books this week!

  20. I'd say you did okay. I've been listening to a lot of audio and reading a bit. I just finished another dystopian teen book and I think I am done with that genre again for awhile. Now I'm on to the new Lisa Gardner, Catch ME. which I think you would love!!!!!

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