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Review - She Has Your Eyes by Elisa Lorello

Book Summary

Andi and David have settled happily into Andi's Northampton home, but David wants more.  He wants them to get married.  Their discussion is put on hold when Wylie, a fifteen-year-old girl, shows up in their backyard, bearing news that takes David's mind off the future and sends it spiraling into the past.  Reeling from David's news, Andi receives a startling announcement of her own, one that leads to a relationship with her estranged mother.  As Andi and her mother get closer and Whylie weaves her way into their lives, Andi finds solace in an old comfort: her ex-fiance.  With the past threatening to eclipse their future, the timing for a wedding is all wrong.  But if Andi knows anything about timing, it's that there's no time to waste.

My Review - 4

Published - February 11, 2014

I absolutely loved Faking It, it was on my 2013 Top Ten list.  I finished it and downloaded Ordinary World immediately to read, something I never do.  I loved the continuation of characters but Book 2 wasn't what I expected overall.  Now finishing book 3, She has your Eyes, I feel like it was a great complete story and I am happy to have read more of the amazing characters.  I love the story of Andi and David, so much more than a romance. 

This is a trilogy that can only be fully appreciated by reading in order.  The author was great on giving snippets of the story for the fans of the trilogy but not details for a new reader to really appreciate their journey.  We see Andi really come into her own, having to embrace the changes of life.  I loved that the books gave great character building with a new adult issue in each, they all felt completely different.  Andi doesn't like change, it freezes her but with numerous life issues coming at her the same time she almost turns her back on the one who she loves, David, and this causes a ripple affect of trust issues.  Sometimes looking at our past helps us to embrace our future without regrets, she had to learn this the hard way.  The end of the trilogy in one word was about Family.

Andi is a widow and David has accepted everything about Andi and Sam's life.  I was annoyed with the fact that Andi continued to live in the past and continue to think about Sam and doubt everything, comparing everything to her life with Sam.  It made sense at the end when we understood Andi's issue with change, Sam was her comfort through all the change but at times it felt infuriating.This is a great adult novel series, I highly recommend, I give the trilogy as a whole a 5. There are not many stories out there about the challenges adults face, especially the over 30 age group, when the reality of adult responsibilities hits home, that was a joy. Elisa Lorello has a great way to make you laugh out loud, just cute, genuine writing, I am a fan.  You can read this one as a stand alone but I would say to enjoy the full picture, read in order.

My Review of Book 1 - Faking It - 5 star

Ordinary World, Book 2 - 3 1/2 star (I didn't review)

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  1. I hadn't heard of this trilogy by Lorello previously but I will definitely be keeping my out for this set. The characters sounds fully developed where you become committed to reading their outcome. Thanks for sharing!
    Happy Reading,
    Rebecca @ The Key to the Gate

  2. This review certainly has me intrigued. In fact, I'm adding all three of these books to the TBR list thanks to you :) Great review!

  3. I've not heard of the series nor read anything by Elisa Lorello but your review got my attention. Adding it to my wishlist and I'll be sure to read in order, I'm a stickler for that anyway lol


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