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Review - Letter to my Daughter by George Bishop on Kindle

Book Summary

Dear Elizabeth,

It’s early morning and I’m sitting here wondering where you are, hoping you’re all right . . .

A fight, ended by a slap, sends Elizabeth out the door of her Baton Rouge home on the eve of her fifteenth birthday. Her mother, Laura, is left to fret and worry—and remember. Wracked with guilt as she awaits Liz’s return, Laura begins a letter to her daughter, hoping to convey “everything I’ve always meant to tell you but never have.”

In her painfully candid confession, Laura shares memories of her own troubled adolescence in rural Louisiana, growing up in an intensely conservative household. She recounts her relationship with a boy she loved despite her parents’ disapproval, the fateful events that led to her being sent away to a strict Catholic boarding school, the personal tragedy brought upon her by the Vietnam War, and, finally, the meaning of the enigmatic tattoo below her right hip.

My Review

Let me first say, I was surprised a man wrote this, what a beautiful writing style, just real genuine warm feelings. George Bishop did a fabulous job and many women will be pleased that men do know how to communicate their feelings.

I enjoyed this story and it immediately made me think about writing letters to my daughter yearly to give to her when she is older.

This book is about the emotions a mom and dad have when they don’t know where their child is. Did she run away from home, is she just angry and letting off steam, will she come back, is she hurt, is she with a lover, when do we file a missing person, etc. The mom decides to write a letter to help her through the waiting but also to give to her daughter on her return. It was oh so cute and true on how the father dealt with it.

The mom writes about her memories as a teenager, I found this fascinating and it made me question myself. Would I want my daughter to know about my first love, her dad and I’s love journey, about my tattoos, my childhood etc and even minor details about my sex life, yup George Bishop went there but it was touching.

We didn’t get to see Elizabeth’s reaction to the letters or even if Laura gave them to her. I would love to know what happens next and this is why I didn’t give it 5 stars, I really missed this part of the story.

What was really beautiful was how Elizabeth got her name, which is the kind of thing we should write to our children if it has any story or meaning behind it.

If you want a beautifully written story that will make you look at your parenting style and how your childhood affects you, this is for you. Have you ever said I will never be like my mother and then realize you are?

This is a fabulous Mother’s Day gift and I don’t think it is only for mothers with daughters, mothers with sons would appreciate it also.

I added this to my TBR list after reading Zia's review on My Life in Not So Many Words.

If you enjoyed this I would recommend reading The Wednesday Letters by Jason Wright.

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  1. I really enjoyed this one too. Great review!

  2. I haven't heard of the book but I love the concept. I would do a book like that for my son. Wisdom from now to eternity for him. Not that I have much wisdom.


  3. Wow, this sounds like a good one. Very emotional and touching, I'm sure. Thanks for the excellent review! I'll have to look out for this.

  4. Sounds good! I always love t when male writers surprise me. :-)

  5. I really really want to read this! :)

  6. I'm looking forward to reading this one during the Read-a-Thon!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  7. This is one I really want to read! Great review!

  8. Your review is really beautiful. I had heard this book is great but your review actually expressed it well!

  9. Great review! This might be my mom's Mother's Day gift. I bought her The Wednesday Letters after reading your review, and she was loving it the last time I talked to her about it. Thanks!

  10. Great've just inspired me to add this to my wishlist!


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