Monday, October 3, 2011

It's my Birthday

It is my Birthday, I am celebrating ME.  Happy Birthday to Me..... I'm 36 years old :-)

I wanted to celebrate with you and decided I will do 36 facts about me, some book related, some not.

I am a girly girl, love the glam of life but I choose books over makeup.  I love a beautiful garden to look at but in my books they need to have a dead body included to really intrigue me, lol

Hope you enjoy, I know 36 is a lot, I kept them short.

Also, my blogoversary was Aug 29 and I chose to create the event Thrill Week to celebrate. This will be an annual event now.  I had a blast and thank those that participated and commented.  Blogging is such a bonus in my life, I appreciate all of you.

On to 36, facts, favourites etc about me.

1. My favourite childhood book is Corduroy  

2. I was born and raised in Bermuda

3. I studied dance education in Philadelphia, Univ of the Arts as a dance instructor for 10 years

4. I currently teach a fusion class, Pilates, Yoga and strength stretch combined

5. My favourite movie is Silence of the Lambs, love the book also

6. My favourite Adult Fiction book is Still Alice

7. My favourite inspiration fiction book is Dibs, In Search of Self

8. My favourite psychological thriller book is Manufactured Identity  Favourite Book of 2010

9. My favourite long term author is Mary Higgins Clark

10. Verse Novels are my simple pleasure

11. I have a 4 year old daughter named Paige

12. I got her name from the show Charmed, I call her daddy my Charmed One

13. I have 2 brothers

14. One of my brothers had a massive stroke and the book My Stroke of Insight helped me lots

15. My favourite place visited was Capri, Italy

16. One of my favourite hotels is Hotel Giraffe in New York

17. I have been blogging for 2 years

18. My favourite genres are Thrillers, Suspense and Mystery

19. My favourite concert was Madonna in 2006

20. I love being a Libra 

21. I work at Hospital

22. I love being a career mommy, I have been a professional human resource specialist for 11 years

23. My worst grammar mistake for years was writing 'alot, instead of a lot’  See full size image

24. I used to think I was pretty techy but blogging has shown me that I’m a little clueless actually

25. My favourite colour is purple

26. My Bermudian accent sounds like a mix of British and Island like

27. I have 4 tattoos  - this is one 

28. I am staying at Newstead, Belmont Hills hotel for my birthday, my favourite getaway at home

29. I am a divorcee

30. I have been with Paige’s dad on and off for 13 years

31. My favourite poem is Reason, Season, Lifetime

32. My favourite quote is The Serenity Prayer 

33. My favourite thing about blogging is interacting with bloggers,especially with same interest

34. I love going to the spa, my favourite treatment is a hot stone massage.

35. I would choose being a stay at home mom and blogging all day over work right now (really only the stressful days, lol, I love working)

36. I love birthdays, it is like your very own special holiday to celebrate your life.

Would you like to ask me a question?  I'll respond in the comments.

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