Friday, October 7, 2011

Poll Results - Commentluv


Here are the results.........

Yes, keep commentluv
  8 (34%)
Doesn't matter to me
  8 (34%)
No, go back to blogger
  7 (30%)
No, try another system
  0 (0%)

And my decision.............

I am going back to blogger


  1. The poll validated the responses I received on this post Networking/Commenting with Bloggers
  2. I thought commenting systems were a make it or break it for followers, it isn't
  3. Sometimes the load up time to comment takes to long, yesterday and today it hasn't shown up at all, there is no way I want to make it harder for my followers to comment
Pros of Commentluv.....

  1. I loved the link to your last post BUT most of my commenter's are bloggers I visit or already have on my sidebar so this wasn't a true benefit for me and sometimes the blogger doesn't leave the link
  2. I can respond directly to you.  I think this is only needed for discussion posts which I would like to try to do more of, "at least once a month is more to me" :-)
Major Con

  1. All my comments are gone with commentluv, all my birthday wishes :-(
Thank you for responding and helping me with testing.  I considered keeping it for another month but after not getting on yesterday and this morning sealed the deal, I don't know what happened.

Have a lovely weekend.

AND I bought a new computer, picked it up today, so I get to network again, it is hard to do while at work and no weekends.

Thanks again

NOW I AM ANGRY.........  I deleted it but obviously I need to do more.  


  1. Being able to respond to a blogger isn't that big of a deal (to me anyway) how many people actually come back to see if you have responded or not? When someone comments on my blog, I get an e mail and if I can reply I do that way. sometimes it is a no-reply comment which is unfortunate.

  2. I don't respond in my comments on my blog. If they ask a question and it shows up in my e-mail, I may answer, but a lot of comments don't make it to my e-mail, I don't know why some do and some don't. Beats me!! If that is the case, I just may answer in the comments, but not very often.

    I just noticed I was not a GFC follower, so I remedied that. All this time I have been visiting your blog, I always thought I was a GFC follower. Oh well, I guess that is because I have you on my blogroll of bookies.

  3. I definitely like the Blogger comment system better. With Commentluv, you have to type in all your info which can be a pain.

    Since your birthday wishes disappeared... happy birthday again! So glad to know you and I hope you had a great day!

  4. Yah! I like it better as just plain ol' blogger :)

  5. I tried one of the comment systems a while back for most of the same reasons you did - the pros were great...the cons were somedays the comment ability would not show up at all on a post...kind of hard to comment if there's not a way to leave one...that sealed the deal for me too - I love the way WordPress has their system set up so that you can respond to a comment and the response automatically is emailed to the commenter - Jenners has the special ability on her blog at Life...With Books - too cool. I think it's an additional cost. With all the great things she's been able to do with her blog I have seriously considered jumping from blogger to only problem is it is so dang confusing! good luck to you though with your commenting system!

  6. While I do like that the other system let you respond to a comment directly, I don't like that I don't get email notifications even after I have subscribed (and have activated the subscription). I typically subscribe response by email so I can see if the blogger has responded, or what other comments have to say to a particular post (I don't subscribe to all).

  7. I just wish blogger would adopt the threaded comment system, then I can happily adopt it. Though there are things I like about Disqus, esp its UI, but there are cons too. Still, better to adopt one that you're happy with.

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  9. Interesting poll. I think that the market of comment platforms it's to divide 'cause the most of the people use wordpress or blogger. Personally I prefer blogger.

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