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Review - The Apprentice by Tess Gerritsen

Book Summary

Boston detective Jane Rizzoli hasn't completely recovered from the near-death experience at the hands of a serial killer (The Surgeon) that left her scarred and scared, but that doesn't keep her from going after a copycat murderer whose modus operandi is disturbingly familiar. Warren Hoyt may still be behind bars, but Jane thinks there's a connection between him and the man the police call the Dominator, based on the way this new fiend subdues and violates his victims before he kills them. Political interference from an FBI agent who seems to know more about the Dominator than anyone else only intensifies Jane's determination to solve the case. When Hoyt escapes from prison and teams up with his blood brother to take revenge on the policewoman who put him there, the pace of this truly frightening thriller picks up and drives the narrative to its violent conclusion.

My Review - 2 1/2 Not my cup of tea

What a total let down, I cannot believe this was written by the same author, The Surgeon was almost perfection in my mind, so to get a total boring, what was the point follow up was beyond disappointing.

This read like a debut, repetition continuously.  I understand the details needed for those that didn't read The Surgeon but even if you didn't it became insanely unnecessary.

There was no mystery to me in this book, so The Surgeon escapes from prison and the serial killer who they name The Denominator end up working together.  The disappointing part is when we get to see them together it is the last scene of book and in my opinion, one of the worst endings ever, seriously I read the book for that, sigh. 

I will read the next in series just because there is no way Tess Gerritsen gave me a fluke.  The Surgeon was scary, had horrifying and gruesome scenes, lots of on the edge anxiety while reading, this one just fell flat, I seriously forced myself to finish.

For those that watch the show, do we deal with the 'I'm a female in a male dominant career pity party concept'?  That is so irritating to me that I seriously started to hate Rizzoli.  And the continued comparison of Rizzoli and The Surgeon as hunters, I didn't buy it.

The Surgeon is such a great book, for those interested I highly recommend reading that one and skipping this in the series.  Let us hope it gets better.  I wonder if The Surgeon and The Apprentice was written as one and then edited down, possibility........

My Review of The Surgeon (Book 1)


  1. I liked this one a little bit more than you did but I think it is because I listened to it on audio. The narrator for this series is seriously awesome and so she may have had anxiety in her voice that ramped it up.

    Great Review!

    1. I'm happy to hear the narrator is great, I don't listen to audio, but nice to give additional recommendations.

  2. I was disappointed in the Gerritsen book I read, so the author must be hit or miss.

  3. I remember liking both books but did not continue with the series. Not sure why. Sorry this one did not meet your expectation.

  4. Wow, that is surprising! But remember, Rizzoli wasn't the main in Surgeon and I didn't quite like her that much. I need to read it anyway just to see what the deal is.

    Tomes Devotee

    1. I haven't gave up on the series yet but if I am not impressed with the next i'm done. I'm a stand alone girl so have no issue with not completing a series.

  5. Thanks for commenting friends, I had high hopes but hit or miss I don't have patience for.

  6. I was sad to see you didn't enjoy it. I am also waiting for the third book (from the library) and should get it this week. Hopefully it's better. I didn't love The Apprentice, but didn't hate it either. Better luck next time!

  7. OH no. TBH, I don't quite remember what this one was about. I think I read all of her books (at least the ones that were published at that time) close together so it was like one continuous story for me?! Ummm or maybe I didn't read them that close together so it didn't seem that repetitive?! I don't remember lol. Need to look up the dates I read them... will check later. Too sleepy now :)

  8. Huh, well that stinks. If you loved one and hated another, I'd give another a try too. I met her at BEA last year. She's fierce!


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