Monday, September 23, 2013

Another Monday - getting my reading mojo back

Sheila over at Book Journey has an incentive for networking so go over and have fun while adding to your 2013 Wishlist.

I'm  currently reading a great 'make you think' book

Have you read Chris Bohjalian before - any recommendations on which book to try next by him?

I completed a book and reviewed right away, yaaaay - My Review 4 1/2
I feel like my groove is slowly coming back, getting my reading mojo back, thank goodness.  I am going back to old review recommendation so unsure what is next.
Have a great week

Friday, September 20, 2013

Review - Creep by Jennifer Hillier

Published - July 2011

Book Summary


Dr. Sheila Tao is a professor of psychology, an expert in human behavior with her own hidden past. But she’s not the only one keeping secrets. . . . When Sheila began an affair with her sexy graduate assistant Ethan Wolfe, she knew she was playing with fire. Consumed by lust when they were together, she was riddled with guilt when they were apart. Now she’s finally engaged to a good man, and it’s time to end the dangerous liaison. But Ethan has something different in mind. He intends to make her pay for rejecting him.

. . . NO ONE CAN.

As Sheila attempts to counter Ethan’s increasingly threatening moves, he schemes to reveal her darkest, most intimate secrets by destroying her prestigious career . . . and then her. Caught in a terrifying cat-and-mouse game, Sheila must fight for her life and free herself from the ex-lover whom she couldn’t resist—who is now the manipulative monster who won’t let her go.


My Review 4 1/2

You will not be able to put this thriller down once you start.  It is dark, sexy and edgy suspense.  It was good characterization, I embraced all the characters even when I didn't like them.

I thought Sheila was a strong woman but then went on a roller coaster ride with what I thought of her.  A professional, a psychology Professor, how do they mistakes but everyone is human right.  She made some very bad choices starting a sexual relationship with her student but she is a sex addict that has fell off the wagon and her choice may kill her.

Some people can not be turned down and Ethan will not be sharing Sheila, how can she reject him now.  Ethan should have been an art student with the talent he has and on top of being a brilliant psyche student, scary, very scary. 

Morris, the fiancé, totally in love with Sheila had the rug pulled from under his feet, the week before their wedding.  I enjoyed his story, everything felt true with his reactions.

I did enjoy the genuine responses the characters had with each other, some of those moments were edge of your seat. It was a great intense book with the right amount of tension to keep you engaged and racing to the end.

The ending was brilliant, true meaning of "If I can't have you, no one can't".  A psychopath making safety decisions or is it just power and manipulation gone completely wrong.

This was a great escape thriller.  Fans of Chelsea Cain and MJ Rose will enjoy this one.

 My blogging friend Michelle, reviewed this and I wanted to read since 2011.  Here is her review on red headed bookchild.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Monday - What are you reading?

Sheila over at Book Journey has an incentive for networking so go over and have fun while adding to your 2013 Wishlist.
Currently Reading

I completed a great 5 star Legal Thriller
My Review
 I need to do reviews on the 1st three in series
Club Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair
all get 4 1/2
I hope you had a great weekend, enjoy the week, happy reading.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

I miss blogging but not reading......

I have tried so many books and just can't get into them, this mood reading is not working and it always does, what is going on???

And from not reading, my blog is falling off, when I try to network, I don't recognize any of the books, how does that happen so quickly....

Life has been hard for a year, feeling like a roller coaster and my reading has been the same.

To be honest, I am 4 reviews behind this year and probably won't get to them, I need to rate them at least.

Have any of you read Cherise Sinclair, the erotic romance author?  She is amazing, hot, with story lines too, I read 2 last year and I am reading book 3 from the Masters of the Shadowlands series.


And also, I LOST my kindle.  I remember unplugging it to take on vacation.  On the plane I noticed I didn't have it.  Called home and got everyone to check the houses and car, no Kindle.  I assumed they just didn't look properly but nope, no kindle, sigh.  I had to deactivate it, thank goodness for the iPad and iPod but I did Love my Kindle.  It was the 2nd version though so looks like a new one for Christmas, lol

So friends, I am sorry for not visiting as I usually do.  I am going to try again to get back with it.  This is usually Thrill Week here on my blog too, sigh, I am disappointed I didn't plan but I just couldn't get into it. 

I look forward to catching up with you, HAPPY READING.....