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Review - Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk on Kindle

Book Summary

Chuck Palahniuk's darkly funny first novel tells the story of a disenfranchised young man frustrated with his bureaucratic job and superficial relationships and disillusioned with the consumer culture's prepackaged pleasures. Relief for him and his peers comes in the form of Tyler Durden, the intensely charismatic inventor of Fight Club. Waiters, clerks, and middlemen seek out the visceral satisfaction of secret after-hours boxing matches in the basements of bars, thinking they have found a way to live beyond their confining and stultifying lives. But in Tyler's world there are no rules, no limits, no brakes.


My Review - 3 1/2 More Sugar Please


If you want to read a book about Misery Loves Company, then this is for you, all the details included, violence, graphic portrays of madness, disgusting actions that may make you stop going to restaurants etc. Imagine purposely being bad to get God's attention. Teaser "If you could be either God's worst enemy or nothing, which would you choose?" Can you say Effed up in the head :-0 This is the kind of humour that was also portrayed. (note - sorry if that offended anyone)

There were times I loved every second of this book and others that I hated. At one point I had to put it down and take a break. (I started a Lisa Schroeder verse book, very light, it was needed)

What I loved about this book. We were in the head of the main character that had insomnia. I get thrills when I feel a characters motives, thoughts etc, this part was great, mentally twisted but great. Teaser - "Insomnia is just the symptom of something larger. Find out what's actually wrong. Listen to your body."

The Fight Club had rules - The first rule is you don't talk about fight club. The second rule is you don't talk about fight club. I loved how these repeated rules played into the ending of the book.

Approximately 60% through Chuck drops the twist in, it felt like he slapped me awake and I devoured the rest of the book. This was definitely a psychological thriller.

If I was able to read this straight through I would have given it a 4 but I did have to step away from the 'craziness'.

Will I try another Chuck book - absolutely!

To read a detailed review- click on link for Ninefly's review

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Reviews of Books in VERSE for Recommend Me

Recommend Me is a weekly event hosted by The Neverending Shelf in which participants will pick one of their all time favorite reads to share. This could be a book that your read yesterday or years ago.

To play along, grab a favorite read and tell us about it. You can include your thoughts about the novel, its summary, your favorite memory related to the novel... the possibilities are limitless. If you are up for a challenge, you can also include:

* Your review of the novel
* Links to others' reviews of the novel
* Recommending to a general group of readers or if you want to be extra daring, to specific reader friends

Go here to participate:

I feel I have to spread the love for Lisa Schroeder verse novels. They are magical, just beautiful writing that touches your soul. I recommend for all ages. If you have a teen that doesn’t read you should try one of these for them.

I read I heart you, You haunt me last month and loved it. I am currently reading Fight Club and needed a little break from such an intense story so I decided to try Far From You. If you are skeptical, don’t be, pick one up, I bet you won’t be able to put it down.

The verse books you read in a flash so I don’t want to go into detail but definitely want to say READ THEM, you will enjoy them.

My review of Far From You
4 Great to the last drop

I will start with a teaser

Mom got cancer.
Cancer sucks.
She died.
Dad remarried.
The end.

Alice is the main character, her parents named her after Alice in Wonderland. She is a 16 year old singer/songwriter and we get samples of her writing, fun, sad and touching. Alice is not living life, she is overwhelmed with the loss of her mom and the fear of continuing on.

Her father has remarried and the story begins with her new baby sister arriving. Alice thinks more hard times are in her future.

The way Lisa Schroeder writes about young love is so fascinating, a warm genuine touch, I can see how she captures teenagers and allows older readers to have memories of ‘puppy love’. Alice and her boyfriend are in love and it is some very special moments throughout.

My Review - 5 Tea Time Perfection

I started this book just to get a sample as I had never read a book in Verse before..... I was hooked immediately, read in 1 day (approx 2 hours) which never happens as I don't have the time but it was just that good.

It is a very short book, on Kindle it was 100 pages as it went 1% each page.

Ava loses her boyfriend, her shining star that makes her world brighter. Now she can't see him or touch him, unless she allows herself to dream. She can't hear his voice, except for the faint whispers in her mind. Most would think she's crazy, but she knows he's here.

Jackson understands true love and is there for Ava even after death. He's back from the dead, as proof that love truly knows no bounds.

I was pleasantly surprised with this, I think everyone will enjoy it. I just finished an intense book so wanted something easy, this was beautiful ease.

Here are teasers of the style of writing.

When you meet someone

so different from yourself,

in a good way,

you don't even have to kiss

to have fireworks go off.

It's like fireworks

in your heart

all the time.


The sun starts to set and tangerine orange

turns to

cotton candy pink

and I wish

my man

Jackson was here

to give me some

cranberry red love.

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Awards - Honest Scrap and Kreativ

Thank you Marquette and Ann Elle Altman for the Kreativ Blogger Award, it is most appreciative. I hope you enjoy learning more about me.

Marquette at
Ann Elle Altman

So, the rules are that I have to list 7 things about myself and then pass it on to 7 blogs.

7 Things About Me:

  1. I love Earl Grey Tea
  2. My favourite author is Mary Higgins Clark, she is consistent, love that in an author
  3. I was born and raised in Bermuda
  4. I am 34 and the spoiled baby in my family, I have 2 older brothers, 10 & 12 years older
  5. My favourite saying is 'Okie Dokie'
  6. I love a good thriller to mess with my mind (can you recommend one)
  7. I am online to often, I should be working :-0 but I get my work done, sometimes I have to stay late to complete it though

Thank you Michelle for giving me the Honest Scrap Award, I received this one last year, very fresh into blogging, so I will give some new answers.

Michelle at
I added 13th Hour to my TBR list from Michelle

As for the rules of the award - I am to list 10 honest things about myself and then pass the award on to 7 blogs. My 10 truths:

  1. I think I was suppose to be a guy, I think about sex to much. I do read more than I have sex though but don't read tons of romance, sex, erotic books, I like a variety.
  2. I studied Dance Education and was a professional dancer for 3 years but my passion was teaching not performing.
  3. I am a Human Resource professional, currently work at a hospital, HR was my calling, I am lucky to love what I do.
  4. I do not understand how to do hyperlinks, I have tried, sigh
  5. I can live on Earl Grey Tea, lasagna and water.
  6. My favourite book this year so far is The Manufactured Identity by Heath Sommer
  7. I do not do Facebook, Twitter etc, my only social network is my playgroup on iVillage
  8. Purple is my favourite colour, I have a purple pen, umbrella, lots of clothes, shoes, stapler, purple walls in house and my VW car. Oh and I'm wearing a purple jacket today.
  9. My dad has Dementia - this made me love the book Still Alice even more, its a must read.
  10. My 2 favourite vacation spots have been Capri in Italy and Vegas baby.......

I would like to pass these awards onto the following bloggers. It would be great to know more about you but also as a thank you because I have added to my TBR list because of many of you.

If you have received both before, just comment with your link so I can read it please.

Christina I added Ash

Trisha Fairly new to me but we enjoy Augusten Burroughs

Tina My favourite looking blog

JoJo I just enjoy Jo Jo's blog

Jackie I added We Need to Talk about Kevin & Honolulu

Dahlia I added Need

Alison I added The Lovely Bones

Kari I added Breathless

Emidy I added Death by Darjeeling

Laura I added Tainted

Did any of you write a review on The Girl She Used to Be? I added this to my TBR list without noting whose blog I got it from.

So there you go friends - I love passing on awards but it really is hard work. :-)

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Thriller & Suspense Challenge - 50% complete update

Thriller and Suspense is my favourite genre to read, so I am thoroughly enjoying this challenge.

In order of enjoyment........


5 Tea Time Perfection


My review of The Manufactured Identity


4 1/2 Great to the Last Drop with a touch more sugar


My review of Lightning

My review of The Last Bridge

My review of The Quickie


4 Great to the Last Drop


My review of Ace of Hearts


3 1/2 More Sugar Please


My review of Heartsick


Timeline for Challenge: 01 Jan 2010 - 31 Dec 2010
Rules: To read TWELVE (12) thrillers in 2010

Here are my other contenders.

1. And Then There Were None, Agatha Christie
2. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson
3. The Halo Effect, M. J. Rose
4. To Close to Home, Linwood Barclay
5. Bag of Bones, Stephen King
6. The Adderall Diaries, a Memoir of Moods

Are you a part of the challenge, what has been your favourite so far? Leave me a link please.

Ok, why are the links not working, sigh, I have been trying for months and thought I finally had it. (I'm so disappointed, I have no idea what I'm doing wrong)

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The Humane Award - Thank you Jenn (Reading with Tequila)

Thank you so much Jennifer, I appreciate receiving the Humane Award If you do not know about Jennifer's blog you have to go over. She has a varied taste and she pulls her readers in with great networking discussions.

This award is to honor and thank bloggers that are kindhearted individuals. I appreciate the regular comments, networking with you and becoming blogging friends.

Thank you for being a part of Tea Time with Marce

Rule: Nominate 10 bloggers you feel deserve the Humane Award.




Ann -



Jennifer G




NOTE: Blogging friends, my computer's hardrive is fried, I have been trying to get it fixed so only can post from work. My apologies on not getting to awards, I will post more tomorrow. I really take my time with who to pass awards on etc so it is a long process. Thank you for understanding.

Two for Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along!

Just do the following:

· Grab your current read

· Open to a random page

· Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page

· BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)

Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants

The Last Bridge by Teri Coyne

On Kindle @ 44%

Let’s just say this is the last bridge. I’ve burned all the others. I have nowhere else to go.”

I really enjoyed this book, here is my review.

My current read

Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

On Kindle @ 22%

After you’ve been to fight club, watching football on television is watching pornography when you could be having great sex.

And I love the use of new words so kept this as a note to share….. She never dreamed she could feel so ‘smarvelous.

If you’re a Chuck P fan you may enjoy giving your 2cents on this post.

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Review - The Last Bridge by Teri Coyne on Kindle

Summary from Teri Coyne's website
For ten years, Alexandra Rucker has been on the run from her past. With a bottomless flask of bourbon and a series of meaningless jobs, Alex is struggling to forget her Ohio hometown and the rural farmhouse she once called home. But a sudden call from an old neighbor brings it all rushing back; her mother is dead. Alex is forced to return to the home and family she never intended to see again.

What Alex finds at the old farmhouse is disturbing and confusing: A suicide note, written on lilac stationary and neatly sealed in a Ziploc bag that reads "Alex, He's not who you think he is. Mom xxxooo"

One note, ten words–one for every year Alex has been gone–will completely turn her world upside down. Seeking to unravel the mystery of her mother's death, Alex must confront her past to discover who "he" might be: her tyrannical, abusive father, now in a coma after suffering a stroke just before the suicide? Her brother Jared, named after her mother's true love (who is also her father's best friend)? The town coroner, Andrew Reilly, who seems to have known her mother long before she landed on a slab in his morgue? Or Addison Watkins, Alex's first and only love?

The closer Alex gets to the truth, the harder it is for her to repress the memory and the impact of the events that sent her away so many years ago.
My review

I give this a 4 1/2 Great to the last drop
All the notes I took are in the summary from Teri's website. This is another book I wished I had kept the link from the blogger I took this recommendation from. I rememeber reading the review and saying I have to read this. I read this one for my Thriller and Suspense Challenge.
I didn't give it a 5 only because I don't think I will read it again but I did love it.
If you enjoy reading stories about families, damaged familes with a dark edge you would enjoy this. Many talk about how children act out, this is a story about how adults act out or cover up there hurt. Alex ran away from home and you couldn't blame her, a father who abused her, a mother who didn't know how to love herself so how could she show love for her children. I truly enjoy books that make me emotional, this one made me shed a tear or two.
I loved the style of writing and every other chapter was Alex in present day around her mothers funeral and then the next ten years earlier when she left. It was a perfect bland of how Alex saw her life, this added to the enjoyment of the story.
This was the opening sentence - Two days after my father had a massive stoke my mother shot herself in the head.....

Great from the start, and as I said Great to the last drop.
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Chuck Palahniuk Fans - what should I start with?

This summary is not available. Please click here to view the post.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Creating a Blog Badge - do you like this?

I am looking at images and came across this one.

Do you like this as a Blog Badge for my blog?

Your thoughts are apprecited.

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Teaser Tuesday - The Splendor Falls

Teaser Tuesdays is a weekly bookish meme, hosted by MizB of Should Be Reading. Anyone can play along!

Just do the following:
  • Grab your current read
  • Open to a random page
  • Share two (2) “teaser” sentences from somewhere on that page
  • BE CAREFUL NOT TO INCLUDE SPOILERS! (make sure that what you share doesn’t give too much away! You don’t want to ruin the book for others!)

Share the title & author, too, so that other TT participants can add the book to their TBR Lists if they like your teasers!


The Splendor Falls by Rosemary Clement-Moore


Reading on Kindle - Teaser from 24% Chapter 8


Except for the complete inability to focus my thoughts, being crazy felt a lot like the rush of dancing onstage.

Shutting the door carefully, I put Gigi on my bed, numbly marveling at how quickly she returned to her usual sunny self, exploring the rumpled covers with happy curiosity, when just seconds ago she's been growling.


I'm reading this one with fellow blogging friend Pat at Peace Love & Pat

We will have a discussion about it when finished.

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Review - Ace of Hearts by Jean Holloway



Something sinister is going on... And Love has nothing to do with it. First he seduces them... Then he kills them... What he does next is unspeakable. Detective Shevaughn Robinson gets her first big case, investigating a series of gruesome murders unaware the killer is not only becoming obsessed with death, but also with her.


What cover draws you in? I have the 2nd one but I actually prefer the 1st one.

My Review

I enjoy a good serial killer thriller but oh my goodness, this serial killer was one sicko, I really want to curse during this review but don't want to offend anyone.

I thought this was a great debut book by Jean Holloway. You knew who the killer was from the beginning and so throughout it just kind of pissed you off knowing what was coming next and the characters not responding, a thriller indeed, it had me shouting at them. If you like the show Castle you will enjoy this. This is a graphic novel with some erotic scenes so again not for everyone.

What I did love about this story was the conscience speaking parts :-) you know when you say something but in your head want to say something else.....well Jean H included this as a style and I really enjoyed it.

The story of why the killer is so sick started but for me it was one scene and never went back to it, so I was disappointed. The killer had so much control over the women in his lives it really pissed me off in a good way, I enjoy getting emotional over books. The feeling you get when watching a movie and you say to yourself 'why are you waiting, why didn't you tell someone, why didn't etc' oh Jean H really got me angry.

I wanted this killer to be found and to be tortured like he tortures others, but then again, he would have loved it..........

All characters were great and added to the thrill.

The ending was great though, I will definitely be picking up the sequel, Black Jack.

I give it a 4 - Great to the last drop

This one is for my Thriller & Suspense Challenge

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E-book Technical Difficulties, what do you do?

My Pondering Thought....

When you download a book and realise while reading there are technical difficulties, what do you do?

Also, please comment on what e-book you have.

My example of Technical Difficulties

I read The Wednesday Letters by Jason F. Wright (BTW - I loved it)

There were a couple of sentences missing, possibly 2 and symbols in place of ' etc.

Do you think this is something I should email to Amazon?

I think because I loved the book it didn't matter and I do recommend it just not on Kindle at this time. I love my Kindle so this didn't make me rethink purchasing it.

My review of The Wednesday Letters if interested.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Review - Fade by Lisa Mcmann on Kindle

Book Summary
This sequel to Wake (2008) follows dream-catcher Janie as she navigates the treacherous world of dreaming the dreams of others. Janie and her boyfriend, Cabel, use their skills to work undercover investigating teachers suspected of drugging and abusing students at class parties. Janie takes on more than she can handle in cracking the case, and Cabel is unable to intervene to his satisfaction, which strains their relationship. Janie also comes to understand more about her dream-catching ability and the consequences in store for her, most notably a heavy, irreversible physical toll. The series is moving in a darker, more dramatic direction, with Janie facing evil and needing to decide if she can sacrifice her own health for the greater good.
My Review
I will start off by saying I know this series will be in my Top Ten for 2010. Below you will see my review on Wake, the 1st book in the trilogy.
I am a total fan of dreams which I know makes me love the books more but Fade also adds mystery, suspense, romance and ghosts.
My expectation for Fade was for Janie to embrace her gift as a dream catcher and it was fully met. I loved how in Fade she embraced it but was also shown the dark side of being a dream catcher.
Again if your interested in the life of a Dream Catcher you should read this series. I finished Wake and wanted to read Fade right away but decided to wait, I personally think they would be amazing together.
I also like the simplicity of the covers, they are very meaningful once you read the book.
I give this one 4 1/2 also but so far I give the Series a 5 - Tea Time Perfection
My Review of Wake
I was pleasantly surprised and can say I loved this book. Can you imagine having a secret like being a dream catcher, WOW. Even though I loved the idea of that power, talk about great entertainment but poor Janie does not understand what is going on and also passes out from the dreams and or nightmares. I hope she embraces her power in the following books, we will see.
Janie feels like a freak so she keeps it a secret.

Can you imagine seeing dreams that your best friend, mom, boyfriend, and even school teachers are having. OMG

I will not go into further but if you are intrigued you should totally pick this one up. This was the first time for me to read something and immediately want to read the next. This series, Wake, Fade and Gone will definitely get read this year for me. Loved it!
The only reason why I am not giving it 5 stars is because I would have liked more details of the dreams.

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Review - The Prisoner's Wife by Asha Bandele

From Booklist

When one hears of a woman marrying a man in prison, especially a man she met while he was already in prison, it is hard not to question her motives or sanity. Poet asha bandele writes of her relationship with Rashid, a man serving 20-to-life for murder. She tells of how she met this man while she was visiting the prison to read her poetry; of how she visited him as a friend/lover, waiting five years before she married him; of waiting the long months after the marriage before they were granted a conjugal visit; of love letters, long collect phone calls, and the horror and indignity of their prison situation. Yet she found in Rashid the strength to remember and confront her past as a victim of sexual abuse. She found, too, the love that most women long for, but in a place that imposes limitations that are a nightmare. Her writing soars with emotion. And the reader's emotions soar as well, not because of a shared experience but because her highly polished and skillful writing makes one feel her pain and joy. This is a romantic but realistic story, told with a directness and honesty that make us know that however impossible the problems asha and Rashid face, we can question neither her motives nor her sanity.

My Review

I read this as part of my Book Bloggers Recommendation Challenge. After reading the memoir, The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls I knew I wanted to start reading more memoirs.

This is a good feeling of the writing and how I felt about the book. A teaser directly from it.....
This is a love story, threadbare and used up, yet sometimes fat, weighty, stretched out of shape. Its polyester, this story, man-made, trying to be pretty, not quite making it. This is a story desperate to hold itself together. This is a story with patches in the knees.

For me there were parts I loved, didn't enjoy, had a touch boredom from and I also felt like I was judging her at times which made me sad.

I wanted more background of her childhood, parents, friends and even her poetry.

The writing was great you will have to decide if it is a story you are interested in. One thing about love, it truly is in the eyes of the beholder. I just didn't understand this love.

I give it a 3, More Sugar Please.

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Who has LibraryThing?

LibraryThing is one of the wonderful sites I have found out about since blogging.
If you have a LT account and don't mind sharing with me, please do so I can add you as a friend and or add your library as interesting to watch.
Here is mine. I categorise in Kindle, Wishlist and Library. I am also starting to keep track on who/blog I get the recommendation from.
I have enjoyed seeing blogging friends on LT and even Amazon reviews. The blogosphere is just so unique and wonderful, I am happy to be a part of it.
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Review - Push by Sapphire

Book Summary

Claireece Precious Jones endures unimaginable hardships in her young life. Abused by her mother, raped by her father, she grows up poor, angry, illiterate, fat, unloved and generally unnoticed. So what better way to learn about her than through her own, halting dialect. That is the device deployed in the first novel by poet and singer Sapphire. "Sometimes I wish I was not alive," Precious says. "But I don't know how to die. Ain' no plug to pull out. 'N no matter how bad I feel my heart don't stop beating and my eyes open in the morning." An intense story of adversity and the mechanisms to cope with it.

Precious is now a major motion picture based on the novel Push by Sapphire

My Review

I found this book to be very touching, I can't wait to watch the movie even though I think the movie will have me in tears.

I thought the book being in accent and illiterate writing was going to be distracting but it added to the trueness and reality of the story. The writing was so bad at the beginning and then seeing the improvement slowly but truly was amazing. At the end of the book they share the class book project with all the girls stories. It is truly unbelievable what is the real life for some children and how they are affected and how there are beautiful inspirational people to assist them to get through it.

Even though this book is about something so tragic I fell in love with Precious and the teacher, Ms. Rain. These characters made me feel good and want to know the outcome. I would love to see a sequel 5 or 10 years later.

If you are able to read difficult situations I think this is a must read.

I am intrigued by the writing style and how you are able to even edit that kind of writing. I really thought I wouldn't enjoy it at all but I don't think I would have been touched by it as much without it.

I give it 3 1/2 More Sugar Please

I read this one for my Book Bloggers Recommendation Challenge

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Winners of my Giveaway

My Winners..........

Wanda, Jo Jo & Sheila

I had 20 blogging friends that entered.

My 3 year old daughter pulled out the winners. We made a craft out of it and made tea bags and put them in the tea pot :-) fun stuff.

I have emailed the winners, if I do not get a response by Wednesday I will choose another winner.

Wanda won - The Weight of Silence

Jo Jo won - Still Alice

Sheila won - Wake

I am very excited that all 3 books I recommended are able to be read by others, I was sure the same book would have been chosen, lol

Interest for all books were pretty even also, 6 for Wake, 6 for Still Alice and 8 for Weight of Silence.

Again thank you for being followers, I truly appreciate it.


Friday, March 5, 2010

2 more days to enter my Giveaway

Blogging Friends, my giveaway ends on Sunday.

Wake, The Weight of Silence and Still Alice are the choices.

Go here to enter.

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Booking Through Thursday - Grammar

In honor of National Grammar Day … it IS “March Fourth” after all … do you have any grammar books? Punctuation? Writing guidelines? Style books?

More importantly, have you read them?

How do you feel about grammar in general? Important? Vital? Unnecessary? Fussy?

My response

I actually started a blog in order to help me improve on my writing skills, specifically for work. I chose reviewing books since reading is something I love to do and I would be able to practice on a weekly basis. I realise I have to read my reviews or writing out loud. I am so much better in noticing my mistakes.

For me it is not vital for everyone but I have realised bad grammar drives some people crazy, lol. My favourite well known so wrong but it looks so right :-) is alot, I like to read alot, I like books alot, lol - but I have drove enough people crazy over this so I now will be correct and write a lot. Another for me is then or than.

I have to say though, if I notice bad grammar, spelling mistakes etc in books and it is consistent through out, I am annoyed, that is what an editor is for, spell check or even friends, I have gave up on an author due to it being so bad and they are actually quite popular.

So how do you feel about grammar?

Please leave a comment and go over to BTT here to participate.

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Monday, March 1, 2010

What are you reading?

It's Monday, and it's time for What are you Reading, hosted by Sheila over on

Go over and network, Sheila also has an incentive to having fun while networking and adding to your TBR list. :-) You get to enter to win a prize, just for networking, how cool is that.

I'm currently reading.......... for my Book Bloggers recommendation Challenge

From Booklist

When one hears of a woman marrying a man in prison, especially a man she met while he was already in prison, it is hard not to question her motives or sanity. Poet asha bandele writes of her relationship with Rashid, a man serving 20-to-life for murder. She tells of how she met this man while she was visiting the prison to read her poetry; of how she visited him as a friend/lover, waiting five years before she married him; of waiting the long months after the marriage before they were granted a conjugal visit; of love letters, long collect phone calls, and the horror and indignity of their prison situation. Yet she found in Rashid the strength to remember and confront her past as a victim of sexual abuse. She found, too, the love that most women long for, but in a place that imposes limitations that are a nightmare. Her writing soars with emotion. And the reader's emotions soar as well, not because of a shared experience but because her highly polished and skillful writing makes one feel her pain and joy. This is a romantic but realistic story, told with a directness and honesty that make us know that however impossible the problems asha and Rashid face, we can question neither her motives nor her sanity.
This weekend I finished
And last week I finished
BTW - both got 5 stars, I had a great reading week.
What is next???
Maybe Fade by Lisa McCann, 2nd in Wake trilogy or The Last Bridge by Teri Coyne
Thanks for visiting Tea Time with Marce, I truly appreciate it.

Blogsplash - Thaw by Fiona Robyn

This book sounded so intriguing that I had to be a part of the blogsplash.

I didn't want to wait for today so I bought it ahead of time and let me just say, Fiona has a lyrical writing style.

I do like that she will be sharing a journal entry each day as once I got into it, I decided to read it once a day also, reading it at one time just didn't feel right. The other thing is you kinda want to skip to the end to see what she decides. (I haven't done this but can I stop myself for another 3 months..........)

BTW - Has anyone read another Fiona Robyn book? Any recommendations?

Ruth's diary is the new novel by Fiona Robyn, called Thaw. She has decided to blog the novel in its entirety over the next few months, so you can read it for free.

Ruth's first entry is below, and you can continue reading tomorrow here.


These hands are ninety-three years old. They belong to Charlotte Marie Bradley Miller. She was so frail that her grand-daughter had to carry her onto the set to take this photo. It’s a close-up. Her emaciated arms emerge from the top corners of the photo and the background is black, maybe velvet, as if we’re being protected from seeing the strings. One wrist rests on the other, and her fingers hang loose, close together, a pair of folded wings. And you can see her insides.The bones of her knuckles bulge out of the skin, which sags like plastic that has melted in the sun and is dripping off her, wrinkling and folding. Her veins look as though they’re stuck to the outside of her hands. They’re a colour that’s difficult to describe: blue, but also silver, green; her blood runs through them, close to the surface. The book says she died shortly after they took this picture. Did she even get to see it? Maybe it was the last beautiful thing she left in the world.I’m trying to decide whether or not I want to carry on living. I’m giving myself three months of this journal to decide. You might think that sounds melodramatic, but I don’t think I’m alone in wondering whether it’s all worth it. I’ve seen the look in people’s eyes. Stiff suits travelling to work, morning after morning, on the cramped and humid tube. Tarted-up girls and gangs of boys reeking of aftershave, reeling on the pavements on a Friday night, trying to mop up the dreariness of their week with one desperate, fake-happy night. I’ve heard the weary grief in my dad’s voice.So where do I start with all this? What do you want to know about me? I’m Ruth White, thirty-two years old, going on a hundred. I live alone with no boyfriend and no cat in a tiny flat in central London. In fact, I had a non-relationship with a man at work, Dan, for seven years. I’m sitting in my bedroom-cum-living room right now, looking up every so often at the thin rain slanting across a flat grey sky. I work in a city hospital lab as a microbiologist. My dad is an accountant and lives with his sensible second wife Julie, in a sensible second home. Mother finished dying when I was fourteen, three years after her first diagnosis. What else? What else is there?Charlotte Marie Bradley Miller. I looked at her hands for twelve minutes. It was odd describing what I was seeing in words. Usually the picture just sits inside my head and I swish it around like tasting wine. I have huge books all over my flat — books you have to take in both hands to lift. I’ve had the photo habit for years. Mother bought me my first book, black and white landscapes by Ansel Adams. When she got really ill, I used to take it to bed with me and look at it for hours, concentrating on the huge trees, the still water, the never-ending skies. I suppose it helped me think about something other than what was happening. I learned to focus on one photo at a time rather than flicking from scene to scene in search of something to hold me. If I concentrate, then everything stands still. Although I use them to escape the world, I also think they bring me closer to it. I’ve still got that book. When I take it out, I handle the pages as though they might flake into dust.Mother used to write a journal. When I was small, I sat by her bed in the early mornings on a hard chair and looked at her face as her pen spat out sentences in short bursts. I imagined what she might have been writing about — princesses dressed in star-patterned silk, talking horses, adventures with pirates. More likely she was writing about what she was going to cook for dinner and how irritating Dad’s snoring was.I’ve always wanted to write my own journal, and this is my chance. Maybe my last chance. The idea is that every night for three months, I’ll take one of these heavy sheets of pure white paper, rough under my fingertips, and fill it up on both sides. If my suicide note is nearly a hundred pages long, then no-one can accuse me of not thinking it through. No-one can say, ‘It makes no sense; she was a polite, cheerful girl, had everything to live for,’ before adding that I did keep myself to myself. It’ll all be here. I’m using a silver fountain pen with purple ink. A bit flamboyant for me, I know. I need these idiosyncratic rituals; they hold things in place. Like the way I make tea, squeezing the tea-bag three times, the exact amount of milk, seven stirs. My writing is small and neat; I’m striping the paper. I’m near the bottom of the page now. Only ninety-one more days to go before I’m allowed to make my decision. That’s it for today. It’s begun.

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