Saturday, May 2, 2015

Review - The Map of True Places by Brunonia Barry

Book Summary

Brunonia Barry, the New York Times Bestselling author of The Lace Reader, offers an emotionally compelling novel about finding your true place in the world.

As in The Lace Reader, Barry delivers an atmospheric Salem, Massachusetts setting, remarkable narrative tension, and an unforgettable ending that candy—coats nothing. The heroine, Zee, must sort out the real story of her family's past before she can move forward with her own life, thus setting the stage for a beautiful use of the metaphor of celestial navigation through out the book. The Map of True Places asks fundamental questions about the nature of reality versus storytelling, development of self versus loyalty to family, and how to find your true north.

Have any of you read The Lace Reader?  Would you recommend?

My Review - 4 stars

I wanted something different to read, that wasn't y usual mystery genre, and I was able to pick a great  one.  This has been on my to read list for over 3 years.  I highly recommend this one for book clubs, so much to discuss.

Zee is a psychiatrist that lost her mom to suicide and now has crossed the lines with a client that reminds her of her moms death.  Unfortunately the suicide has impacted her and she takes time off to spend with her father.  Her father had Parkinson's but she didn't realize how far the disease had progressed and now she wants to be his caregiver also.  Is Zee helping or is she running away from life? 

"It's not down on any map; true places never are."
-- Herman Melville

This was a great quote from the book.  Finding the place that you need to be and should be at the perfect moment.  Realising you are living life for others instead of yourself.  I enjoyed this thought that was in the background of the story.  It also made you think if daughters try to relive our mothers lives.

Each section in the book started with a quote or motivation around the stars, celestial navigation, which became a beautiful part of the story, you enjoyed the journey of understanding the stars. 

There was lots going on in The Map of True Places but a beautiful transition from one part of Zee's life to another, it captures you and makes you just want to continue reading.

When Zee gets to her dad, she realizes he has broken up with his life partner but she remains close as they have been an important  part of her life growing up.  Both her and her dad have ended relationships, another life change.

The bonus for me is there was a mystery element for Zee, I was shocked by it but loved how it really showed you, you never know who you will love.  What a beautiful story of life, the sadness and beautiful parts of life and how all things connect, making you realize the world is smaller then we think.