Monday, October 12, 2015

It's Monday, what has everyone read this week

Sheila over at Book Journey hosts I'ts Monday What Are Your Reading?  The meme that we use to share what we read this past week and what our plans are for the upcoming week.  It's a great way to see what others are reading and add to your own Te Be Read List.

It has been far to long, I have been reading but not as much as I used to but I truly miss my blogging friends and networking. I think I'm slowly going to try to blog again 1 - 2 times a week.

I have no idea of the 'great' books anymore.  I rely on my Amazon recommendations which I think are pretty good actually and my Librarything chart that I used to put recommendations from you on.

What I am currently reading

The intro was great but i'm only 25% in and I'm started to get antsy with it..........

I reviewed - 4 1/2 stars, a great book club read.

I am now in a book club, the next choice is

For those that know I love a great Thriller, recommend your favourite you have read this year please, old or new.  Thanks 

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Review - Dancing on Broken Glass by Ka Hancock

Book Summary

A powerfully written novel offering an intimate look at a beautiful marriage and how bipolar disorder and cancer affect it, Dancing on Broken Glass by Ka Hancock perfectly illustrates the enduring power of love.

Lucy Houston and Mickey Chandler probably shouldn’t have fallen in love, let alone gotten married. They’re both plagued with faulty genes—he has bipolar disorder, and she has a ravaging family history of breast cancer. But when their paths cross on the night of Lucy’s twenty-first birthday, sparks fly, and there’s no denying their chemistry.

Cautious every step of the way, they are determined to make their relationship work—and they put it all in writing.  Mickey promises to take his medication. Lucy promises not to blame him for what is beyond his control. He promises honesty. She promises patience. Like any marriage, they have good days and bad days—and some very bad days. In dealing with their unique challenges, they make the heartbreaking decision not to have children. But when Lucy shows up for a routine physical just shy of their eleventh anniversary, she gets an impossible surprise that changes everything. Everything. Suddenly, all their rules are thrown out the window, and the two of them must redefine what love really is.

An unvarnished portrait of a marriage that is both ordinary and extraordinary, Dancing on Broken Glass takes readers on an unforgettable journey of the heart.

Published - March 2012
416 pages

My Review 4 1/2

This is a stunning portrait when love concurs all.  A marriage with the husband being bipolar and the wife having cancer, what doesn't break them makes them stronger.  This is an inspiring book about generations, family, heartache, mental health, death, siblings living with cancer or survivors and love, all wrapped up in a beautiful emotional story, tissues will be needed.

Do you believe in love at first sight?  From the day Lucy and Mike meet, all fun and games at her 21st birthday, the love begins.  Mike fights it because he doesn't believe he deserves or can be in a 'normal' relationship.  Even when he is honest with Lucy she doesn't run away.  This was such a great read to understand how bipolar disorder can affect so many.  They marry and create their own non-negotiable contract, well when this gets broken, is it a miracle or more torture to complicate life further.  Lucy and Mike may be damaged but their love truly concur all, living without each other would not be worth living for.

There are so many beautiful scenes of love and family it makes you realize you have to cherish all moments.  They live in a small town where everyone knows each other, traditions that are celebrated locally and become part of life that is looked forward to.

There is a character no one likes to acknowledge and that is Death.  Lucy's father taught her "It's not the end... And it doesn't hurt.  And finally, if you're not afraid of death.... you can watch for it and be ready."  Sometimes the words of parents stay with us forever and this memory comforted Lucy.

Many chapters begin with Mike's perspective, how the bipolar disorder will affect all decisions, sometimes about the episodes he has, the hospital visits, his fear, etc, this was a special affect executed perfectly for the reader to feel his torture.

The sisterly bound captured your attention on the genuine heartbreak and responses to each others decisions in life, at times life or death decisions.  How they relate to each other and respond to Mickey as an in law is touching and heartbreaking. Each play an important role, great to have strong female characters but with the feminine touch.

Beautifully written characters with a solid emotional storyline.  Very comforting and powerful book.

I highly recommend this book.  A perfect book club read and those that loved The Fault in Our Stars will enjoy this one.

Thanks for reading.  Where have I been........... life has taken over. (Work, the new house, my yoga business, my 8 year old, etc)  I am still reading and miss the blog and blogging friends.  I'm going to try and dive back in slowly.  Hope all of you are well.