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Review - To Kill a Mockingbird - My 1st time reading this Classic

I chose To Kill a Mockingbird from the list of the Book Bloggers Recommendations Challenge and then when I noticed the Anniversary celebration I knew it was time to read the classic.

My Review

I can finally say I have read this CLASSIC :-)  I wished I had read this during highschool, another class had to but not mine for some reason, I personally would have appreciated it more then.  While I enjoyed it, the book is definitely a great History/English class work to discuss.   Reading this book felt like homework, lol, a classic it is and well deserved.  I am pleased so many love it but to be on so many readers Favourite List and Re-reading lists, WOWSA.

There was Part 1 and Part 2 but I felt it should have been Part 1 - before Trial, Part 2 - Trial and Part 3 -after Trial.

My favourite character was Atticus hands down, he was an amazing parent, working father, a man of morals, good neighbour, just all around good man.  Of course I loved Scout, how can you not love her voice, untouched by the world in a childlike way.

All the judgements in the world back then, I thank God for not being born then and for giving those the strength to fight and get through the world back in the day.

The book did take me back to being a child and trying to see through their eyes, what a lovely thought and moment.

This book gets a 4 from me - Good to the last Drop.

Here is My Part 1 discussion, will be doing my Part 2 discussion tomorrow.

Part 1 - Chapters 1 - 11

What was your first impression while reading?

I had a hard time getting into it actually then I started enjoying Scout and Atticus, they are my favourite characters for sure.

Did you note a favourite scene, what was it about?

When it started snowing, the reactions and the building of the snowman, that was a priceless moment for me.


I love the gifts in the tree, I was heartbroken along with them when the hole was cemented up.

Did you note a favourite quote, please share?

said Atticus, "but before I can live with other folks I've got to live with myself. The one thing that doesn't abide by majority rule is a person's conscience."

How do you react when a books title is revealed, it always makes me smile.

Page 103

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  1. I'm just a little bit jealous of you getting to experience this wonderful book for the very first time.

  2. This is one of my top favorite books. I liked it more after I reread it. I just wish there are more people like Atticus in this world.

  3. I haven't ever read this either--maybe I will pick it up....

  4. Now I think I regretted when I dont do my homework when my I was in high school!Ok, I'll make amend of it soon ;p

  5. I had forgotten about the hole in the tree until you mentioned it. I just love remembering little things like that about this book!

  6. I love seeing firsttime readers of this book around the blogosphere; that's what makes a classic a classic, that people keep reading it, and not just for school assignments!
    I read it for the first time last spring and it is one of my favorites. I apsolutely loved Atticus, Scout, Boo, and Jem. I don't why I didn't read it in school, but I wish i had met Scout earlier.
    I agree about the favorite line. That sentence says so much about Atticus and about Harper Lee too. I agree with BookQuoter; the world would be a better place with Atticus Finches.
    And you know, you said that you wouldn't have wanted to be born back then because of all the racial strife, but we have our own lenghty list of issues. Human rights are still under attack, even in the US. Just look at all the attacks on life itself, on person's unalienable right to be alive! I can only hope that future generations will look back on our society's complete disregard for life and shudder.

  7. You make me want to read it too! I read this long back, and remember it vaguely, but a re-read is in order!

  8. I love this book so I'm glad you got a chance to experience it. I wish I hadn't read it in high school, only because I didn't really appreciate it then and it took me so long to get around to re-reading.


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