Monday, March 21, 2011

Blog Question - Widgets, Top Commenter and Button


I have tried these 2 things but just cannot get it right, please help.

I haven't decided if I really want a top commenters widget because every commenter I appreciate but sometimes I do wonder.  Everytime I try to load it, it just stays blank and it is not an added feature that should make it easy, sigh.

Also, I see on other bloggers blogs the link to add for their blog's button, I have never used that to add buttons but realised this is what others must use, what am I missing?  How do I get the code?  And how do I put that on my sidebar for others to copy and paste?

My email is marceblogspot(at)hotmail(dot)com if you prefer to email me with assistance.

I truly appreciate it.

Is there anything you would like to see on my blog or would like for me to organise better?

Thanks again for following, commenting and networking with me, always lots of fun.


  1. Wish I could help, but I am not too computer savvy. :/

  2. No help from me, I know nothing about those things.

  3. This link might help you with the button:

    As for the commenter widget, it's up to you. I like seeing it sometimes when I see it on other blogs, but I don't think it's that beneficial to the reader of a blog, unless they're on that list. Usually it's something that's useful to the author of the blog, esp if they have commenter-friendly events/posts, or sometimes just to know who has commented the most on a blog.

  4. I always have issues with Top Comment. Sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn't. But I leave it because I love seeing the answers when it is working.

    Drop me a line if you still need help with the button code. I can copy/paste you mine and you can change the info.

  5. I just sent you an e-mail with the code I use. :-)

  6. I am not computer savy too. But one thing I hope you wont add is the"music". Some blog added music. Makes the blog very hard/slow to load

  7. I wish I could help too but I rely on all of you.! My blog designer helped me with the widget thing on my button. her name is Rachel at Parajunkee and she is super smart when it comes to all of that.

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

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  10. I too used to press ? button. Good

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