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Review - I Don't Want to Kill You by Dan Wells

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Dan Wells introduced us to John Wayne Cleaver in the chilling novels I Am Not a Serial Killer and Mr. Monster. In I Don't Want to Kill You, Cleaver faces his toughest challenge yet.

John Wayne Cleaver has called a demon---literally called it on the phone---and challenged it to a fight. He’s faced two monsters already, barely escaping with his life, and now he’s done running; he’s taking the fight to them. As he wades through the town’s darkest secrets, searching for any sign of who the demon might be, one thing becomes all too clear: in a game of cat and mouse with a supernatural killer, you are always the mouse.

I Don't Want to Kill You brings his story to a thundering climax of suspicion, mayhem, and death.

It’s time to punish the guilty.

And in a town full of secrets, everyone is guilty of something.

My Review - 4 Great to the last Drop

Let me start off by saying this Trilogy is amazing, gets 5 stars from me, 2 thumbs up.  I love stand alones but Dan Wells, I want more.......  I think he will continue and make this a series.

I proclaimed my love for John after completing Mr. Monster, lol, in love with a sociopath, HA, but seriously his character is a knock out, my favourite for the year hands down.  And if you enjoy character driven books, this one gave you that, we were able to get to know more about others in this one.  My favourite is that we got to understand the serial killer in this horror.  I continued to be distracted with who, what, how many etc when trying to figure out the serial killer and was very pleased when we are given those details.

I Don't Want to Kill You was not as edgy as the others, I wasn't sitting on the edge of my seat but I completely enjoyed the ride.  I am still wow'd by this trilogy and think all horror/thriller fans should read them.  The wrap up of the story completely made sense to me, sad, but I got it, great conclusion but with enough opener to continue if he wants. 

These books made me realise my next career move - I'm going to become a Psychological Profiling Detective, lol.  Seriously, I wish I could start again, that would be fascinating.

Here is a teaser that allows you to understand John - Dead bodies are calm and silent - perfectly still, perfectly harmless.  A corpse will never move, it will never laugh, and it will never judge.  A corpse will never shout at you, hit you , or leave you.  Far away from the zombies and junk that you see on TV, a corpse is actually the perfect friend.  The perfect pet.  I feel more comfortable with them than I do with real people.

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  1. It sounds like I need to read some of Wells's work!

  2. I would love to have a job like that too!

    And don't feel bad that you're in love with a crazy. Have you ever seen the show Dexter or read the books? I'm in love with him and he's a serial killer. ;)

  3. Wow-just wow! Great reviews, interesting horror books for the brave of heart. Sounds very cool but I am more of wimp, and probably couldn't handle these books. However, from your reviews of Dan Wells I'm sure the other readers out there will surely enjoy them. Marce is the expert in thrillers & horrors... :) Rae

  4. I really need to start this series! Great review, Marce....

  5. I really like John as a character, but after reading book 1, I don't know if I'd continue because of THAT element... not sure if I'd continue the series unless Book 2 and 3 really explain THAT element? (I hope you know what I am referring to, don't want to include spoiler here?) I was actually rather disappointed by that...


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