Friday, March 15, 2013

100 Day Happiness Project

I have officially signed up for the 100 Happiness day project.

I realised I was emotionally disengaging with family, friends, colleagues and blogging.  I started to become angry and maybe even slightly depressed.  Grieving over the loss of my brother, dealing with my partners grief from the loss of his mom, my living arrangements, new boss etc, to name the direct triggers anyway.

I had to do something.  I am known to be optimistic, happy, the go to person that always listens and gives advise personally and career related, well I needed to look in the mirror and do for myself.  I have to be in control of my own happiness.

I thought the 100 day happiness project would be perfect, kind of a basic 101 for me.  I decided to think about the things I have done in the past that always made me happy and make time for them again but also keeping a balance of responsibilities.

The project is being hosted over at the Partyka project blog.  I initially saw it on Christine's blog, The happily ever after......

So here is my challenge,  I started on March 3 and 100 days end on June 11.  Wish me luck.  I will update once a month to let you know how I am doing.

                                                               Have friends over for dinner

                           Complete personal Appraisal goals for work

                                                               Plan a Minute to Win it party

          Go for a walk at Spittle Pond Park

                                                   Create Intimate memory to celebrate anniversary of buying home together

                                                 Cook a New recipe

         Go Jasmines Lounge for some Earl grey tea

                                              Go to the Spa

               Take the day off and go to Sports day to support daughter

This book also helped me to 'check myself'.  I will review when complete, some amazing quotes I can't wait to share with you.


  1. Good luck with this, Marce! I hope you can accomplish all of your goals and become happy again.

  2. The grief process is a difficult time but well done you for taking steps to help yourself through it. Good luck and I hope you will soon be back to the 'happy self'.

  3. What a great plan! I love the idea of having friends over and going out for tea. I want pics. :)

  4. Sometimes we all need to hit the reset button, I know I've been struggling with that here too. I wish you good luck on your happiness challenge :)

  5. Good for you for stepping back and looking after yourself. You should add "Go to the Swizzle Inn" to you list! :)

  6. Good for you for recognizing what you need! This project has had such an impact on my life. I have been vocal about this change and the ripple effect has been amazing to watch. My husband has changed, friends... I've even decided to step back from a toxic friendship after realizing 'it's okay to stop banging my head against a wall'. :)

    My advise to everyone, create happiness, live it. The blogging isn't important. When we are 80 blogging will be a fonder memory, don't feel pressure to do it or it's not fun.

    I'm off to find my last new fruit/veggie - so many to choose from!

    Looking forward to your updates. Have an amazing day!

  7. Hi Marce,
    Please accept my apologies for not visiting your Happiness post sooner. I've been dreadfully behind in blog hopping (and blogging in general) lately!

    Also, my condolences on your losses. Grief is such a difficult thing.. so different for everyone and even when we think we are processing it all well.. we have moments when we just lose our strength. Sending warm thoughts and hugs your way. xo

    I love your list.. What's a Minute to Win it party? Sounds fun! Have you gotten that spa day in yet? I hope you prioritize that one. You deserve it. :)


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