Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Review - Faking It by Elisa Lorello

Book Summary from Amazon

After breaking off her engagement, thirty-something writing professor Andi Cutrone abandons New England for her native Long Island to focus on her career and start over. When she meets Devin at a cocktail party, the sight of an honest-to-goodness male escort shocks her—and fascinates her more than a little. Months later, Andi impulsively calls Devin. Over cheesecake in Brooklyn, she offers him a proposition: he will teach her how to be a better lover, and in return, she will give him writing lessons. He agrees, and together they embark upon an intense partnership that proves to be as instructive as it is arousing. For in the midst of lessons in rhetorical theory and foreplay, Andi and Devin delve into deeper questions about truth, beauty, and self, gradually coming face-to-face with the issues at the core of their emotional limitations. Smart, witty, and introspective, Faking It is an engrossing novel about two people discovering their authentic selves.

My Review - 5

Another book that just came at the right time.  I started to slip into a reading funk again, started 4 books and it just didn't work and then I started this one and ate it up this weekend.  It was so good I am starting the sequel tonight.

Andrea meets Devin and they agree to an arrangement both believing not a true client agreement.  I really loved how they helped each other.  Andrea is a writing instructor and helps Devin learn how to write, understanding prose, who your audience is etc, very intriguing.  Andrea asks for Devin's help on how to own her sexuality and become a better lover.  The once a week sessions were entertaining to say the least, I loved the interaction and connection they had, really adding a sense of suspense throughout the book.

I loved reading about adults who find themselves, you are always growing and the unorthodox romance set this apart from the romance books you expect.  Andi and Devin were strong characters but not honest with themselves and the outside world.  I really enjoyed the character building in this novel and look forward to more.  A beautiful complex journey with a great non typical ending.

Favourite quotes

If you are uncertain about your purpose, then your audience is ambiguous.  If you are uncertain about your audience, then your writing is ambiguous.  23% on Kindle

This past year, I lived the life I always wanted, and you know what? I was still faking it.  I was trying to cover up so much:  my body, my sexuality, my insecurity, my fear....   81% on Kindle

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  1. Ooooooooooooooo sounds seeexy and interesting.

    I have only one question: do they bring any other "players" into their learning sessions or does it stay strictly between them. Between them I can handle. If it gets a little more "open" then I will probably pass.

    1. Juju, not erotica at all, sensual at parts yes. No others players, the session is all about her feeling comfortable in her own skin. I would recommend trying it Juju.

    2. Oh right on. Thanks for the heads up. I think I will. :)

  2. Although I'm not a big reader of sexy novels or romances, this DOES sound like a good one for genre readers! Thanks for the review!

  3. I love the cover and the quotes you included.

  4. Interesting plot. Haven't seen this title around at all.

  5. This one is a new one to me, but I have to say it sounds pretty fantastic. I'll have to keep my eye out for it!

  6. I've been wondering about this book so I'm glad to hear it was so good!


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