Sunday, January 31, 2010

Review - The Wednesday Letters by Jason Wright on Kindle

This one is for my Book Blogger Recommendation Challenge. I am SO PLEASED I chose to read this, would I have even noticed it without, I doubt it.

The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks is one of my favourite books and movie of all times, well this reminded me of it. It is different but special in its own way.

Family love, family dilemma, the untold, everlasting love, parental love, sibling love, soulmate love, committment, forgiveness and understanding. Oh this book was a joy to read. If you’re looking for a good Valentine's book I recommend this one but overall I think anyone that wants to read a story about special love and forgiveness should read this.

The book starts out with the parents passing, they are found in the morning in each other’s arms. The story unfolds with the preparations of a double funeral. The siblings and special friends are called. The couple owned a Bed and Breakfast, so everyone came there. During unpacking they come across The Wednesday Letters.

The father wrote to his wife, their mom every Wednesday even if they were in the same room together. These letters had their parents deepest secrets, special times, fun, sad and memorable times. The parents knew one day they may be found. A few of these moments were shared during the eulogy.

The Wednesday Letters were on photocopy paper, lined notebook paper, tattered spiral notebook paper, hotel stationery, even scribbled on napkins.

One letter gave 20 things he loved about her. I will give you a teaser of one.

The way you let go of the blanket during the night when you roll over so you won't pull it off me. I can tell when you grab it again on the other side and give it a little tug; I like the tugs.

There is so much realness in this story. The sibling’s lives, the past family ran from but now had to deal with head on. So much suffering but in the end forgiveness and love get them through.

One lesson in this book is things are not always as they seem even with 'evidence'.

You will read this and want to start writing letters again. Oh the days of receiving a letter, remember that? :-) before emails, blackberry’s, even internet.

I thought this was going to be a romance novel, well it was so much more.

I can't wait to find out who recommended this one. Thank you.

NOTE - I read this on Kindle, but I do NOT recommend downloading, it had a few technical issues, possibly 2 sentences fully missed out etc.

And I would think the book has an interesting, creative way of putting the letters, so the actual book I think you should get, this is one I will buy to keep in the my collection.

I give this one 4 1/2 stars
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  1. Wow, you've made this sound so good, even though I've never read The Notebook.

  2. I love the cover on the book...I may have picked it up for that reason. I like your review and if I can, I'll look it up.


  3. What a kind review, thanks Marce! Glad you enjoyed it :)

  4. Sounds great - maybe it will bring back the lost art of letter writing!

  5. I've heard a lot about this book and have been wanting to read it for some time now. Glad to hear you liked it so much!

  6. Bdaonion - If you saw the movie you should still read, both were good.

    Ann - The cover is more special once you read the book also. I like when titles and covers represent a story so well.

    Jason Wright - I truly appreciate you stopping by my blog, very special author touch, thank you.

    Booksync - I think this book will definitely bring back the art of writing letters.

  7. There is an award for you at my blog:

    Have a great afternoon!

  8. Steph you should read it.

    Missy, aww thanks

  9. I hadn't read anything by Nicholas Sparks, but had watched the Notebook, not thinking I'd like it much, but was surprised that did (love the twist - that's probably why!) So this book sounds like something I'd enjoy. I love a good love story, but just not in typical chick-lit fashion. Adding to my TBR - thanks for the recommendation :)

  10. You've made this sound so good!

    I have to ask--is it a tearjerker? Like, "I spent the last 50 pages bawling my eyes out?" I avoid Nicholas Sparks because those aren't my cup of tea. ;-) I'm interested in this one though! I may just grab this for my mom for her birthday.

  11. I did not find this one a tear jerker at all actually just a great story of love and family with real life drama.

  12. First the cove drew me in. Then the idea of actual letters being written peaked my interest. This is a great review. I definitely want to read it. Good top ten choice.


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