Monday, February 22, 2010

Book vs Movie (The Time Travelers Wife)

Movie vs Book

I am interested in what many of you thought.

Did you read the book, watch the movie or both?

I abandoned the book, I really didn't enjoy the back and forth style at all, it was so confusing it wasn't worth continuing, and I really tried.

After watching the movie I realised I read right up to her last miscarriage.

Did I like the movie - yes, it was worth the watch for me, not one I will tell friends they have to go out and watch. I think I liked it because I love Rachel McAdams, she is a favourite since The Notebook.

Did you think it was a good adaptation from book to big screen? I thought the time traveling was amazing.

I gave the book 2 stars, I would give the movie 3 stars.

What were your thoughts?

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  1. I hated the book. But I can't wait to see the movie. Great post :)

  2. Juju it is nice to see I am not alone, only recently I realised there are others that chose not to read or didn't like it also.

    I was feeling like something was wrong with me, even a little guilty, lol

  3. I LOVED the book. LOL! It's so interesting seeing the different opinions. The time traveling can get confusing, I agree. I was keeping track of the dates back and forth to see where in time I was. On the contrary, I watched one scene of the movie (the first - till the old Henry comes and talks to the young Henry), and shut it down. I HATED it. It went so off-track compared to the book, that I didn't feel like watching it further. :( Glad to hear you liked it, maybe I'll give it a try sometime.

  4. I loved the book and liked the movie. The book is actually one of the top books I read in 2009. I found myself getting confused at several times, and I can see how it's not for everybody.

    The movie was good but I enjoyed reading the book a lot more. The ending was much more dramatic in the book to me.

  5. I *really* liked the book and I enjoyed the movie. It was a difficult book to adapt to the screen, and I think they did a pretty good job. Rachel McAdams had a lot of charm.

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  7. well I really enjoyed the book but it was so sad in spots that I decided not to watch the movie right away (just finished the book a week ago or so) but I will be watching it soon

  8. I read the book a while back so didn't remember a lot of details. I remember crying at the end, but thought the book was just okay, not as good as I hoped it'd be (after reading other's reviews).

    I did watch the movie and like it better than (what I remember of) the book. I think it is just clearer with all the past/present time traveling. I definitely cried more at the movie lol. I think Rachel McAdams was great casting (liked her in the Note Book as well, another movie I enjoyed but hadn't read the book - didn't think I'd like the movie as I am not usually into chick flick but love how the story unfolded). Not sure about Eric Bana - guess he was okay but just not how I imaged Henry to be.

  9. I liked the book atleast parts of it but the back and forth through time got really confusing I can't wait to see the movie

  10. You are right - we do totally agree on this one! It totally worked for me much better in movie form!


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