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Review - Heartsick by Chelsea Cain on Kindle

I saw this on Marcia's blog - The Printed Page, thanks for the recommendation.


Det. Archie Sheridan led the Beauty Killer Task Force for ten years, before the Beauty Killer (Gretchen Lowell) caught him, tortured him for ten days and then mysteriously let him go and turned herself in. Now it’s two years later and Archie, addicted to pain pills and still obsessed with Gretchen, is called off medical leave to hunt a second serial killer. Pink-haired girl journalist Susan Ward is assigned to profile Archie. She knows he’s hiding something. But what?


I was intrigued by the 2nd book in this series, Sweetheart, but had to start from the beginning when I realised it was a series. I am glad I did as it really did set the tone for what I think will be a great thrilling series. I was hoping for it to scare me or have me sitting on the edge of my seat, maybe sleepless nights, but it didn't though. (Can you recommend one?)

Heartsick - experiencing or marked by or expressing sorrow especially associated with irreparable loss. The interesting part of this book is the Detective was the Beauty Killers victim is alivebut the irreparable loss is HIM, he is alive with his marked up body but he might as well have died. He knows he is screwed up but unable to fight back. He visits Gretchen every week, unable to move on without her being a part of his life, he is dependant on her. You think, has he lost his mind, absolutely.

I couldn't wait for the book to get into the weekly meetings with Gretchen the psychopath but then I started understood the twist, it was about so much more than her.

Susan Ward is assigned to write a story about the Detective and is right there, front and center during investigation, even tagging along to murder scenes. Her story helps connect everything together. She knew the Detective was hiding something but who would have thought the connection. Great suspense.

This was not what I expected but it was good. Definitely not 'The Silence of the Lambs' as comments said and I got excited about.

I very much look forward to continuing the series.

I give it 3 1/2 stars. This is for my Thriller and Suspense Challenge

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  1. You're looking for a book to keep you up at night? I try to avoid those, if I can help it. I've heard a lot about Chelsea Cain's work and really want to try one of her books.

  2. I love a good scary book! I'll be checking this one out!

  3. I'll have to think about really scary one for you!

  4. LOL You want a book that will freak you out and give you nightmares?? Haha! I can suggest one - Creepers by David Morrell. I didn't like it too much since I ended up with lots of questions, but hell, was it spooky! I couldn't sleep!

    This is one series that I want to read. I've heard lots of reviews of this book and I'm curious. Good review!

  5. I read and liked this book but it wasn't my favorite. I do plan on reading the next book at some point. I just finished reading Shutter Island and thought it was great! It was creepy but not scary. Good for the suspense/thriller challenge though.

  6. I can't help you with scary - I don't mind exciting, and suspenseful, but I draw the line at all out frightening :)


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