Friday, April 16, 2010

What should I read next? See Poll

Friends, I am in a little reading slump, not a negative as I am online networking more but I decided I think these are the few I may consider next. What would you recommend for me?
See poll on sidepanel to vote.

All except the Anita Shreve will be a new author to me. If you have reviews of them please share, I will be happy to include it with my review.

BTW - these are all books I bought but my Kindle has taken over :-0 I have said no more downloading until I read more of my books on the bookshelf but as one addicted book reader to another, I'm sure you understand.

Body Surfing: A Novel by Anita Shreve
Tell Me Something True by Leila Cobo
The Halo Effect by MJ Rose
The House on Tradd Street by Karen White
Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

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  1. I read both Body Surfing and The House on Tradd Street and enjoyed them, though Body Surfing isn't Shreve's best, in my opinion. I can't wait to see what you choose!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  2. Shutter Island for sure! It was really suspenseful and the ending was great. Here's my review. Enjoy your books!

  3. Karen, because I've been contemplating trying this book :)

  4. I've read other Anita Shreve books and generally like her work, but I had to go with Shutter Island. It looks very intriguing.

  5. Body Surfing is the only book on your list that I've read and I liked it. It is also the only Anita Shreve book I've tried. I hope you enjoy whatever book you read.

    It is so easy to buy books on Kindle which means that there is more temptation for me to buy books. Before I could say there isn't enough room on my bookshelf and stop myself from buying something. At least the books are usually pretty cheap and some are free.

  6. Eeek! Tough choice! I voted for Tradd St. though I was torn between that one and Shutter Island.

  7. I voted! I would recommend Shutter Island for breaking out of a slump. I thought it was a page turner! I do have Tradd Street on my list though.

  8. I loved the Halo Effect - and am reading Rose's The Memorist next myself. Her books are very sensuous and different.

  9. I saw the movie Shutter Island and was disappointed.... so I voted for Leila Cobo.

  10. So it makes me feel good about the books I have, since all got a vote.

    I started Shutter Island and so far I am enjoying.

    At least you guys helped with possibly not downloading more kindle books. :-0


  11. I have read Shutter Island only out of the list. I almost put it down because I thought the beginning was a bit boring and wasn't sure if I like the writing. But I am glad I stuck with it because I totally didn't see the ending coming (kinda like The Sixth Sense!)

    I have read Anita Shreve's Testimony, which I thought was okay.

  12. I haven't read any of these but stopped by your blog because anything with "tea" in it is intriguing.
    Ann Summerville
    Cozy In Texas


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