Thursday, April 22, 2010

What should I read on Kindle next?

Thanks for voting and commenting for my current read, Shutter Island, should complete and have review up this weekend. 20 voted and 9 were for Shutter Island.

I try to switch from book to ebook so my next read is on Kindle - so what should I read next? These are already downloaded, my goal is no more buying or downloading for the rest of April and all of May :-0

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All Summaries/Reviews taken from Amazon

The Gin Closet

Starred Review. Jamison's beautifully written debut follows independent young New Yorker Stella and her estranged aunt Tilly as they form some version of a family. Stella is disenchanted with her life and job as a journalist's personal assistant; Tilly is a professional lost soul, a former prostitute, and an unsuccessful recovering alcoholic. To all appearances, Stella is the savior, finding Tilly, who's been shunned by the family, to rescue her; but through alternating first-person accounts, the reader grows to view the two women as equals. Their experiences with men especially mirror one another's; Tilly has merely had worse luck. Stella describes wanting a man, any man, who could offer his face as a label for my loneliness; later, recalling men she's been with, Tilly says, most of them I didn't even like that much, but they seemed like the easiest way to change my own life. The relationship between Stella and Tilly is compelling, as are their relationships with auxiliary characters, like Stella's brother and Tilly's son, but what truly drives the novel is Jamison's gorgeous prose.

Dead Game

In this Video Game, "Game Over" Means You're Dead

In her independent efforts to catch child killers, Emily Stone discovers the evidence that the cops can't - or won't - uncover. Now, this covert investigator is back on the hunt for the world's most sick and twisted murderers. But even with help from ex-police detective Rick Lopez, this time she's facing her most dangerous opponent yet.

The Pleasure was Mine

Starred Review. "My wife has gone. I can't say that I blame her. ... She had probably had enough of my temper, my dark moods, my foul mouth, my all-around disagreeable self. ... She had probably had enough of what most everybody wondered and some, over the years, were rude enough to ask: How in the world did a tall, thin, fair-skinned beauty and one of the most respected high school English teachers ... in all of South Carolina ... wind up married to a short, dark, fat-faced, jug-eared house painter?" That pithy summary sounds like the prelude to a typical novel about divorce and infidelity, but for Hays it serves as a setup for the transformation of a family in which an older man cares for his wife during her descent into Alzheimer's.

The Murderer's Daughters

A beautifully written, compulsively readable debut that deals with the aftermath of a shocking act of violence that leaves two young sisters with nothing but each other—in the tradition of White Oleander, this haunting novel is a testament to the power of family and the ties that bind us together, even as they threaten to tear us apartMama was “no macaroni-necklace-wearing kind of mother.” She was a lipstick and perfume-wearing mother, a flirt whose estranged husband still hungered for her. After Mama threw him out, she warned the girls to never let Daddy in the house, an admonition that tears at ten-year-old Lulu whenever she thinks about the day she opened the door for her drunken father, and watched as he killed her mother, stabbed her five-year-old sister Merry and tried to take his own life.

What do you think I should read, which ones have you heard of, do any peak your interest?

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  1. I loved The Murderer's Daughters. You too will like that!

  2. I voted for The Murderer's Daughters. All of these look really good though.

  3. Ooo they all sound deep. Good luck choosing :)

  4. I voted for The Murderer's Daughter too - I've heard great things about it.

  5. The only one I've read is The Murderer's Daughters and I enjoyed it so it got my vote too.

  6. I vote for the Murderer's Daughter 'cause that's what I want to read! lol

  7. I loved The Gin Closet, which I reviewed here.

    Diary of an Eccentric

  8. I haven't read the book, but The Murderer's Daughter was compared to White Oleander so it must be good! I'm going to vote for that one.

  9. My vote is for The Murderer's Daughter. I've had my eye on that one!


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