Thursday, May 6, 2010

BTT - Half way, give up or complete book

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So … you’re halfway through a book and you’re hating it. It’s boring. It’s trite. It’s badly written. But … you’ve invested all this time to reading the first half.
What do you do? Read the second half? Just to finish out the story? Find out what happens?
Or, cut your losses and dump the second half?

When it is not my cup of tea there is no way I am finishing it. I do not have time to waste and also stay up very late to read so sleep is more important than finishing a bad book.

I have wanted to know the ending so will read the last 2 chapters and feel like I finished, yes I cheated, only with 2 books though, I was bored with the characters or bored with the 5 page description before a 1 sentence reply, ugggh hate that.

When I buy a book I consider was bad I think to myself "if I finish this I just paid to punish myself" I will it just pass it on because there is always someone else that will enjoy it.

I enjoy reading approximately 1 book a week, a bad book would take me weeks to finish and probably would put me in a reading slump.

Nope, I will not punish myself.

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  1. I feel guilty if I don't finish it, so I stick with a book, even when I know I shouldn't.

  2. Here is my answer;

  3. Totally agree...would definitely put me in a slump too. Laughed when I read that you paid to torture yourself..good one !

  4. I was sticking with it, but now if I'm not enjoying it. I'll just put it down.

  5. Interesting! I never saw it as a punishment, but it makes sense. :) I've dumped a few bad books in the used book exchanged pile heh You're right - someone else might enjoy it!

    I like the idea of just reading the last few pages to satisfy the need to know what happens... :)

  6. Good answer! Why take all that time to read a book that you know you won't like anyway?!

  7. It's not often that I read a book that bad, but I can never just put it aside. I have to finish it no matter what!

  8. I'm not ashamed to admit that I've dumped quite a lot of books...because it was a waste of time to read it

  9. If I'm halfway through a book and don't like it, I'll just skim through the second half. If I'm earlier in the book, I'll put it aside and try to read it another time.

  10. I've peeked at the ending of something I haven't liked. Glad I'm not the only one who does that!


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