Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Review - Dead Game by Jennifer Chase on Kindle

My Review

I love a good serial killer story, this one could have got 5 from me if it gave gruesome details and had me on the edge of my seat, but it didn’t. I think this is a perfect read for those that enjoy a thriller but want the G rated version. The concept of the story made me think of the movies Saw, so I was excited to read it but without the details I felt cheated. The good thing is I loved the characters, so much so that I will go back and read Jennifer Chase’s first novel Compulsion, so I can understand where Emily Stone began and why she went into hiding. Dead Game was definitely a standalone though.

Emily Stone is a phantom detective, she breaks unsolved crimes and gives the police department all what is needed to arrest serial killers, specifically pedophiles . She is passionate about her work and great at it. No one knows who she is and many think it is an urban legend that someone is assisting the police.

Here is a teaser “The despicable child pedophiles and murderers that walked freely among society, with their thoughts of killing the innocent in order to feel alive, made her potentially callous nature come alive with hatred and disgust.”

Emily gets pulled into a different kind of investigation, searching for the new serial killer that has a voyeuristic style, he likes to watch his victims die a slow death and records the death in order to watch over and over simultaneously. There is one connection which they call the EagleEye – and when the video game is over, it means you’re dead. Behind the techy game is a social community for serial killers, just creepy and sick but again, I’m weird I guess because I wanted the details.

So this was a good thriller, I think those that don’t like the gruesome details or don’t want to be afraid will love this one. I definitely enjoyed it just wanted more.

I give it a 4 – Good to the last drop

The 1st in the series - Compulsion Summary

Compulsion is her debut suspense thriller novel about a woman named Emily Stone, who tracks down child serial killers on the West coast. She uses her police background and natural ability to get inside the criminal mind in order to gather detailed, on-the-scene evidence. In doing so, she stealthily tracks down the most deplorable pedophiles and serial killers. Then, she anonymously sends her information to the police detective in charge of the case, and another monster is swiftly taken off the streets. Her secret identity is imperative not only for her protection, but to ensure that her hunt will continue uninterrupted. But, when two brazen serial killers are terrorizing women right in Emily’s hometown, she gets too close to the action. She becomes the hunted and must rely on help from a handsome local police detective.

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  1. Sounds like a book I might like!

  2. Very interesting! I enjoy mysteries but I'm not sure about this kind. I should give it a try, though! I loved your review.

  3. Awesome review! As you maybe already know I'm not a huge fan of mysteries, but this one sounds really nice.

  4. Thanks for the review, and just stopping by to pass on an a


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