Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Weekend to Me

Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday to Me, Happy Birthday dear Meeeeeee, Happy Birthday to Me :-)

Have a cup cake, some tea, coffee, wine, chocolate martini or my favourite a Bellini - peach snapps and champagne, yummmy

I go 35 on Sunday friends and will be staying in a hotel for the weekend, so I won't be on until Monday or so.  Going to the spa, dinner and brunch with friends, that is the weekend plans.  I love birthdays, definitely a time I celebrate myself and take the time to be thankful for life.

As of today I am making this an Awards Free Blog.  I truly appreciate it but it takes so long to pass them on, I would prefer not to have to use more than an hour on passing them on but that time to network and comment on your blogs.  Please do not take this as me not being appreciative, I am but realised when I don't have the time, I do not pass them on and that is not great protocol that friendships thrive on. 

My way of saying thank you to my blogging friends and followers that comment is by commenting and being a part of your blogging life. So this will be my last time officially passing them on. There are 2 awards I would like to pass on and they are to all of the following blogging friends, commenters who have been loyal for a long time, you can receive both or which ever one you haven't before and also a thank you without passing them on is fine because the fact that you come to Tea Time with Marce and comment is more than a simple pleasure I love :-)

I am working hard on trying to organising my blog for all of my blogging friends and favourite blogs in order to make my networking easier.

Received this one from Freda, thank you

Received this from CMash and JulieP

The rules for this award are simple really, just answer this one question and then pass it on to six bloggers of your choosing.

If you had the chance to go back and change one thing in your life, would you and what would it be?

It would be the major break up with my partner, father of our daughter.  We are currently happily together but broke up for a year and it was the hardest heartbreaking year ever, more than my divorce and friends and family were involved at a level that we will never be able to mend.  We have moved on and are happy but friends and family were hurt and the trust level and genuine love will never be the same. Sometimes you just have to fight for what you believe in and love.

Christa from Mental Foodie

Kathy at Bermudaonion's Weblog

Michelle from Red headed book child

Juju from Tales of Whimsy

Jennifer at Crazy-for-books

Cheryl from CMash loves to read

Julie from Reading without restraint

Steph The Bookworm

Cat from Tell Me a Story

Freda from Freda's Voice

Darlyn from darlyn & books

Christina from Reading Extensively

Paula from Tome's Devotee

Aths from Reading on a Rainy Day

Missy from Missy's Book Nook

Emidy at Une Parole

Thanks for visiting Tea Time with Marce - HUGS, have a great weekend.


  1. Happy Birthday, sounds like a perfect weekend lined up!


  2. Happy Birthday, Marce and have a wonderful weekend!

    Thanks so much for the award - much appreciated although I confess I'm not very good at finding the time to pass them on.

  3. happy happy birthday!! have fun :)

  4. Happy Happy Happy Birthday Marce! I love birthdays and hoping you are enjoying yours too =)

    Thanks so much for the award!

  5. Congrats on the other award you received, and thanks for passing it onto me. You are a doll!

    Hope you have the happiest of birthdays!


  6. Happy Birthday to you! Thanks for thinking of me with the award - you made my day!

  7. Have a happy b'day. Marce, thanks for visiting PPP and commenting on my review of Bury Your Dead. I didn't have an e mail for you and that's how I usually respond to questions. I did not read the Inspector Gamache series from the beginning but I did read #5 before 6 thankfully. If I had read Bury Your Dead (#6) before The Brutal Telling (#5)it would have ruined the book for me.

  8. Happy Birthday Marce! Have a great weekend!

  9. Aww, Marce, what a wonderful blog friend you are! :) Thank you!

    I hope you have a happy, happy birthday! You deserve the best!

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday to you -- enjoy the weekend!!

    And congrats to all of the winners! :) And joy to an awards-free zone for you!! It does take a lot of time!

  11. Hope you have a wonderful bday weekend, Marce!

  12. A. Happy Birthday! That sounds like an amazing party!
    B. Love is funny that way isn't it? :)
    C. Thanks for the awesome awards.

  13. Happy Birthday to you!!! It sounds like you have a wonderful celebration planned.

    And I'm with you on being an awards-free blog. I think every blogger eventually gets to that point. It does become very time consuming and I'm sure most people would enjoy comments vs. awards.

  14. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks for the mention :)

    (PS I still haven't figured out all the award/tagging stuff on blogs... so sorry if I'm not following properly! You'd think I have it figured out by now!)

  15. Happy Birthday Marce and have fun with your family.

  16. WOw, I hope you enjoy your weekend and look at those awards. Congrats.


  17. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you!!!!

    Thanks for the little shout out. I hope you have a great day!

    Awards are tough to spread around. I appreciate your honesty!

  18. Oh no, Horror of Horrors!! :-( I read your post long back on my Droid, starred it to reply once I got home and never got around to it. :( Belated Happy Birthday, Marce! Hope you had a fabulous time!! :)

  19. Wishing you a very belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! And awards are so nice to receive, but they do take time. I understand you wanting to use the time for other things.


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