Friday, May 13, 2011

Looking for Kindle Lending Partner(s) - My Personal Library

Amazon has made an announcement about Lending Kindle Books.

Here is my available list - let me know if you are interested, you only have 2 weeks to read it, so please only ask if you will read within that time.  I am happy to put your name attached to a book for up to 3 months.  My only request is that you say on your blog that you borrowed it from me, either linking my review or my blog.  I will make the decision who I would loan to.  Some points I will look at - frequent commenter on my blog, blog with similar reading style and those with a kindle that have the option to share with me also. 

I have so many on Kindle but these are the only ones available to loan at this time.

Also, I prefer to read them before lending, so those with an * I haven't read yet.

Leave a comment here and also email at marceblogspot(at)hotmail(dot)com

Note from Amazon: Be sure to send your Kindle book loan notification to your borrower's personal e-mail address, not their e-mail address.

Kindle Books - My Personal Library - Updated April 2011

Cain, Chelsea - Heartsick (Book 1) - Thriller
Cain, Chelsea - Sweetheart (Book 2) - Thriller*
Chase, Jennifer - Dead Game (Emily Stone Series) - Thriller
Collins, Suzanne - The Hunger Games - YA
Desforges, Saffina - Sugar and Spice - Thriller*
Dallas, Sandra - The Persian Pickle Club - Cozy Mystery
Funaro, Gregory - The Sculptor - Thriller/Horror
Funaro, Gregory - The Impaler - Thriller/Horror*
Grundler, C.E. - Last Exit in New Jersey Thriller
Harris, Thomas - The Silence of the Lambs - Horror/Thriller
Holloway, Jean - Black Jack (Deck of Cardz) - Thriller/Suspense
Johnson, Nancy C. - Her Last Letter - Suspense*
Locke, John - Saving Rachel (A Donovan Creed Crime Novel)  - Mystery*
Lorello, Elisa - Faking It - Erotic*
Manning, John - The Killing Room  - Thriller*
Meyers, Randy Susan - The Murderer's Daughters - Suspense
Murgia, Jennifer - Angel Star - YA
Nicholson, Scott - Speed Dating with the Dead - Suspense/Horror
Perez, Richard - Permanent Obscurity:  Erotic Suspense
Preston, Douglas and Lincoln Child - Relic - Thriller/Suspense
Stevens, Chevy - Still Missing - Suspense
Tardif, Cheryl Kaye - Children of the Fog - Thriller/Suspense*
Unger, Lisa - Beautiful Lies - Suspense
Weathersby, Sarah Gordon - Motherless Child - Memoir
Wells, Dan - I Am Not a Serial Killer (Book 1) - Thriller/Horror
Wells, Dan - Mr. Monster (Book 2 ) - Thriller/Horror
Zandri, Vincent - The Remains - Thriller
Zandri, Vincent - The Innocent - Thriller*
Zandri, Vincent - Pathological (A Digital Short) - Thriller
Ziegler, Irene - Ashes to Water (The Lake Trilogy) Suspense*

I am hoping this is a effective way of lending books.  I'm not happy about only being able to lend once but I guess I can't be choosy. 

Over time I am hoping I know who has a Kindle so we can be Lending Partners.  I will see how the year goes with this new feature.


  1. Impressive. My list is so huge it would take me forever to type it out :)

  2. How nice of you to be a lender of the Kindle books. I don't have a Kindle, however, I think this is a great idea.

  3. Really Juju..... I have over 80 Kindle books and these are the only available to loan.

  4. Marce, I took a look to see how many of my Kindle books were available to loan and I was surprised at how few it is. Do you think that will change in the future? I know it's up to the rights holder, publisher or author whatnot.

    Just wanted to say that I enjoyed ASHES TO WATER last year. I'll be interested to hear how your lending goes. I'm still trying to figure out exactly how I will do mine. :-)

  5. What a fabulous idea! I don't have a kindle, I have a Sony eReader so I can't take part but I'll be looking out to see how it goes.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my website and posting a comment. I'm now following your blog.

    Karen / lilk13

    Lilk's Reading Library

  7. I keep reminding myself to sit down and do this. I wonder how many books I really have that our lendable. Honestly, most of my Kindle books are the free titles.

  8. Awesome list! I'll shoot you an e-mail in a couple of weeks after I've finished up my current books because there are definitely some great titles up there and I'd love to borrow one! :D

  9. This feature was long overdue. I'm glad it finally rolled out. I hope the next thing for all ereaders lending between different ereaders, at least for a portion of the books. But that will be a long long time away, if ever.

  10. Wow..That is totally a long list!

  11. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and offering to lend me I am not a serial killer, that's really sweet of you :-) I don't use an e-reader, I'm afraid I'm an old paper romantic, but I really appreciate your offer anyway :-)

  12. I'm happy to hear that you are finally able to start lending e-books! I don't have a Kindle, I have a KOBO but hopefully soon they will catch on as well!

  13. Marce - If you find a book you want to read, you should just put something out on your blog for your readers to see if they have a copy to lend. I am so overwhelmed with typing up a list of my lends. But if you said, "Belle, do you have this title?" I could go and look - you know? (sort of?).


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