Thursday, June 30, 2011

Review - Coffee and Fate by R.J. Erbacher

From back of book

Val is just a regular college student, with a unique ability to save people's lives, having a drink in a coffee shop.  Bud is an elderly gentleman who knows certain things that will happen to certain people and he knows something about Val's future.  When he sits down next to her and holds her hands it will start a friendship that both of them are desperate for.  It will also set off a chain of events that will dramatically change both their lives, from the gunshot that's just seconds away to a heroic battle with fate and death.

My review 4 1/2 Great to the last drop

135 pages of delightful greatness.  This is a touching story about guardian angels and friendship.  I enjoyed the unexplained special talents that assisted with the inevitable events around them.  Bud had visions of the future and had to make choices, do nothing or change fate.  Val was able to move objects, people, kind of mesmerizing.

The eyebrow raise was that Bud is over 70, Val is 18, different races and no one seemed to be affected by this, I would have appreciated a reaction.  Val tried to come up with a word to describe them and partners seemed to fit, which I would agree.  This kind of connection I wish could have been shared with friends or family though, the overall secret made it feel wrong.

You will either love the experience of reading this book or it could make you uncomfortable.  There is spirituality throughout, Val and Bud trying to understand their talents and what they were made to do with them for the greater good. Do they have the right to change destiny?

Very interesting book, I hope there will be a sequel with the story of a new beginning of the vision Bud saw for Val's future.

I highly recommend this one, a feel good refreshing read.

I read the review over at Natalie's blog Coffee and a Book Chick and picked it up due to her review.


  1. This sounds really interesting and different!

  2. Hey Marce, Christine gave her choices for July, both by Charlaine Harris, Grave Sight and Dead Until Dark, if you'd like to go to my blog and give your thoughts :)

    This book you read sounds really good!

    Tomes Devotee

  3. Sounds like a great premise!
    Though I do not read such books often, I enjoy reading about spirituality.

  4. Awesome! I keep adding books to my tbr list just by visiting you blog, Marce. This one sounds like something I would really enjoy!

  5. It sounds interesting. But he's over 70, that might bug me a bit.

  6. I can't say that this would be my usual type of read but I am intrigued. I may have to check it out..great review!

  7. I absolutely loved this book - LOVED IT! In such a short book, it tells one heck of a story!

  8. I am intrigued by this one. Will have to read it sometime!

  9. Marce, Thanks for the review, I'm so glad you liked it. The spirituality comes from the reader, I just kind of guide you there, let you discover it for yourself. R. J. Erbacher

  10. This looks great. The age difference is a bit off putting, but as long as it isn't romantic, I'm all in!


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