Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday Find by Jean Holloway

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I was very excited to see this one, don't know how I missed it.  I have read her others, see reviews below.

Book Summary

Three years have passed since the Black Jack case ended and in the fiendishly-evil and sexy as hell, Deuces Wild, the third novel of the Deck of Cardz series, Detective Shevaughn Robinson-William’s career and personal life are at a crossroads as she tries to assist in the capture of a homicidal couple on a murdering spree filled with illegal drugs and illicit perversion.

Meanwhile, Shevaughn’s idyllic marriage is beginning to crumble, a secret revealed has a profound impact on her entire extended family and to top it all off, her daughter seems to be communicating with a supportive spirit who is trying to warn Shevaughn about her marriage and help her solve the case.

Should she comply with her husband’s wishes and save her marriage or will she lose him to her career? Shevaughn tracks a young couple as they go on a tri-state rampage of lethal depravity, proving their commitment is one without morals, conscience or boundaries. 

Sometimes, love can be murder...


  1. Deck of Cardz series sounds very exciting! I had not heard of it before.

  2. That cover looks too creepy for me!

  3. those look like fun books! :-) enjoy them!

  4. You find the coolest books my dear. I just love stopping by!

  5. Aha, a new series to pick up! Let us know if you enjoy them if you read them. By the way, does Friday Finds or Waiting on Wednesdays help you find new books? In other words, if you had to choose one...I don't want too many memes to remember, but the premise behind them sounds cool, Rae

  6. O the first one is chilling. Great finds.

  7. FYI: "Full House" the 4th and final novel of the Deck of Cardz series has been published and PHE Ink's 1st anthology - SUSPECT: A Confessional Anthology is coming out in print next month.


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