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Review - Bad Things Happen by Harry Dolan

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The man who calls himself David Loogan is hoping to escape a violent past by living a quiet, anonymous life in Ann Arbor, Michigan. But when he's hired as an editor at a mystery magazine, he is drawn into an affair with the sleek blond wife of the publisher, Tom Kristoll - a man who soon turns up dead.

Elizabeth Waishkey is the most talented detective in the Ann Arbor Police department, but even she doesn't know if Loogan is a killer or an ally who might help her find the truth.  As more death start mounting up - some of the m echoing stories published in the magazine - it's up to Elizabeth to solve both the murders and the mystery of Loogan himself.

My Review - 5 Tea Time Perfection

During the whole time reading this I kept on thinking there is something quietly fascinating about this mystery. I loved every page, the writing was captivating and kept you engaged the whole time.

Loogan was an unusual man, but one everyone seemed to like and trust, but is he trustworthy?  Loogan took it upon himself to become Detective, even while knowing he was a suspect.  When you meet him in the beginning of the story any background was purposely kept from you so you begin to draw your own conclusions while trying to figure out the mystery also.

I thought Harry Dolan did a brilliant job with the characters, all intense in their own way.  They were like a puzzle piece to a complicated puzzle without the straight edges that had more than one possible place to go. This was the most intricate mystery that I have ever read, so involved and entertaining.

The characters were mostly writers, editors or part of the Gray Streets magazine family. The dialogue between them was interesting and when murders start to happen you don't know what is real or possibly from one of the mystery stories that was published by Gray Streets.

Elizabeth, the Detective on this case would have Loogan on the phone and say 'This isn't a story from Gray Streets Loogan' and he would say 'but if it was, it would have happened like this'.  Entertaining with  reserved sarcasm, kind of lightly dark humour.

I can't believe this is a debut book, I think it is a masterpiece.  This totally worked for me in every way, I think many will enjoy it but something about the quiet way this was in my face amazed me, where it may not be enough of a thrill for others.

I added this to my Wishlist after reading Jennifer's review over Crazy-for-Books.

I have to say I am surprised I haven't seen this one around the blogosphere more.  And what great timing for me reading it, the sequel, Very Bad Men is available, yaaaay.


  1. Glad you liked it, and glad you stopped by to read my review. You must get the next one -- Very Bad Men -- you will surely enjoy it. Here's my review of that one.

  2. I love how I discover new mysteries to read , whenever I visit your blog. Bad Things Happen sounds fantastic!

  3. Thanks Annette, I'm happy to see you enjoyed the next one even more, read that one in August most likely, great writer he is.

    Thanks Misha, glad to know I add my favourite genre to your Wishlist ;-)

  4. I'm totally intrigued since you said it's the most intricate mystery you've read.

  5. Whoa, a 5! Maybe I'll read this now!

  6. I'm upset that I could have seen this author at a local independent bookstore event and I missed it. I have to get this book soon.

  7. I feel like I've read about this somewhere but it's not on my wish list. I just added it! It have trust in your highest rating :)

  8. Thanks for the great review! I think I will have to pick this one up since you have high praise for it! {another one tossed on my wishlist tbr, hehe} Rae

  9. So glad you loved it, too, Marce! I can't wait to read VERY BAD MEN!


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