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New Challenge - 2012 Serial Killers Reading Challenge

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I have a love for reading about Serial Killers and during my Thrill Week Blogging Event I got the idea to host this Challenge.

Serial Killers Reading Challenge 2012:

When you read a book about a serial killer, are you fascinated, scared, intrigued, paranoid........ then join the Serial Killers Reading Challenge and share the best of the best.  It may be the detectives, profilers or the serial killer that keep you up reading long into the night. 

This Challenge is not about how many you read but finding the best of the best and 'remembering' to link your review.

Here are 2 links to use to help you choose but any book from any genre involving a serial killer counts towards the challenge.

NPR Audience - Top 100 Killer List
Goodreads Listopia - I like Serial Killers


* Challenge Dates: January 1, 2012 - December 31, 2012

* All Genres are Welcome

* All forms of books will count - eBooks, Audiobooks, etc

* You do not have to list the chosen books ahead of time and your choices can crossover into other challenges you have joined.

* If you participate in this challenge please sign up below. Either post and link back here with your direct link to your intro challenge post or put Challenge Button on sidebar linking back here please.

* Surprise Giveaways - Only those that have posted review(s) will be entered

* NO LEVELS - The more participation to find the best of the best is the Challenge.

In the comments below, tell us what serial killer book you have found to be the best.  This is one of my favourite books and movie - Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris.

Note - I will keep a list of all favourites and 5 star reviews to create a 'Personalized Bloggers List' for future years.

Thank you for joining - Review Post will go up first week of Jan


  1. How could I possibly resist this?! One of my favorite killers is Gretchen Lowell, hands down what a wonderfully wicked psycho.

    I look forward to discovering more nits : h


  2. Great challenge! I enjoyed the Silence of the Lamb books. Hannibal scares the crap out of me. I liked Chelsea Cain's books and Dexter's book too. I think I may sign up for this one!

  3. This looks like so much fun! It's hard to say which my favourite serial killer is, but one that I particularly enjoy reading about is Jack the Ripper, because of all the speculation!

  4. I am definitely in!! Hard question though because it would be a tie between Vincent Zandri's "Scream Catcher" and James Patterson's "Kiss The Girls".
    Challenge progress is recorded by meters on rt. sidebar and under Challenge Tab at top of blog.

  5. Oh boy...I think I am going to love this one. I am a new follower!!!

  6. Hmm .... interesting! I don't know if I've read any book about serial killers! Though I clicked on the Goodreads link "I Like Serial Killers" to find out more on what books there are. I already have a ton of challenges I'm signed up for, but really should give one book a read. I've heard the Manson murder one is good!

  7. The first serial killer novel that comes to my mind is Dexter. I haven't read them all, so maybe some of those will be on my list! Looking forward to it!

  8. I love crime novels, especially ones involving serial killers! I could not resist joining yet another 2012 challenge!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone's reviews!

  9. I have read my fair share of books about serial killers and I always love to switch it up since I have mostly been reading about a point they are serial killers LOL!!!

  10. I love Hannibal by Thomas Harris. And Silence of the Lambs. I love the book and the movie. I didn't like the ending of Hannibal(movie) because Clarice didn't stay with Hannibal and she should have.

  11. I think I will join too. This sounds like fun and I have two serial killer books in my TBR pile that would suit this challenge perfectly.

  12. I very much enjoy James Patterson and I know a few of his books off the top of my head that work here. So excited to be doing this challenge. :)

  13. I love everything related to serial killers, so this is a perfect challenge for me. Because all genres are ok, I assume that includes also non-fiction? (Though I do have all serial killer fiction to read too :D)

  14. Welcome everyone

    Absolutely NF is included, I have a few options ready especially some true crime reads.

  15. This is a cool challenge. I think have an inner profiler so books about serial killers interest me. I have to agree Silence of the Lambs is definitely one of my favorites. I actually just like Thomas Harris books in general. Thanks for the lists of suggestions. There are some titles I want to check out.

  16. I think i'll try it, it'll be my first time reading about killers but i'm so excited. Thanks for the suggestions, i'll check if there's some to download.



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