Sunday, February 5, 2012

Review - Luck of the Draw by Anthony J. Cardieri

Book Summary from Amazon
When Detective Deke Durgess finds himself at the scene of a brutal murder in Lower Manhattan, he has no idea that it’s just the beginning of the most prolific murder spree in New York City history, one where entire families will be wiped out by a vicious killer dubbed The Daily Killer.
The murders are being meticulously committed, with no forensic evidence left behind except for the killer’s callous calling card, a short note left on the body of the victim. The mayor and police commissioner are coming down hard on Deke to make progress, but Deke and his team of detectives and FBI agents are at a standstill until a series of events, and one misstep by the killer, leads them toward cracking the code in the victim selection process. Believing he knows where the killer will strike next, Deke sets up a sting operation, only to be slapped back down as the killer turns the tables on him, forcing the police department to take a good hard look at its own finest.
Anthony J. Cardieri’s first crime novel is an adrenaline-charged ride through the streets of New York.
My Review - 3 More Sugar Please
A good crime debut but I wished it was more gritty with a darker edge.   The scariest kind of serial killer, the 'normal' guy that walks and mingles around us, so always the unexpected. Can you imagine New York City during Christmas time with a daily killer out there, I would leave the area until the killer was found, you are not safe in your home.
Overall my thought with this book is that is surfaced throughout.  How many were killed in each scene, how they were found and the note 'Better luck next time' but I never felt affected by the scenes, they didn't come across as gruesome, sad, that omg, etc, they just felt as is, there was just something missing, I have been thinking what and I can't quite come up with the word.  It may be that this is my favourite genre and I love the gruesome details, the more the better which make others uncomfortable or to scared to read it and there weren't details to recreate the scenes.
The killer went for it every day becoming known as The Daily Killer, usually you feel the heart stopping race to find the killer but you know they won't until near the end of the book so you almost look forward to the next kill to get more clues.  The killer is so great though there are no clues so the Detectives can only wait.  No clues drove me crazy.  The title Luck of the Draw is great, it became truly a luck case and they still screwed it up.  The sting operation was laugh out loud worthy, what hopeless detectives, honestly, just disgraceful.  Anthony Cardieri did such a great job here, the perfect red herring.
Luck of the Draw kept me reading and I enjoyed the ending but there are many unbelievable situations for me, I refuse to think Detectives are as dumb as they were for these crimes.  One, yes but then again serial killers get away with numerous murderers don't they.........
Thank you to the author, Anthony Cardieri, for sending me his book in exchange for my review.  I will have a Giveaway coming up for this on Tuesday if interested.  All Serial Killer Reading Challenge participants will be entered to win also.


  1. I am with you, the more gruesome the better! Though I understand that not everyone prefers gruesome details, so I guess even within this genre there are many different audience. E.g. I never got into cozy mystery, prob too cozy for me lol. I couldn't get into the Stephanie Plume series (by Janet Evanovich) either. I didn't find it funny...

  2. love your review! and how i can relate with frustration over "dumb" detectives - surely the detectives are a bit smarter than portrayed in some books! a killer who is that good AND kills daily - almost sounds superhuman to me


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