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Teaser Tuesday - Crime

Teaser Tuesday time with MitzB...........

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Jon wasn't convinced.  Every obstacle had a solution.  The trick was to discover it.

I am reading this one for a review.  I am enjoying it so far, everyone is a back stabber.

Book Summary

World renowned neurosurgeon Jon Ritter is on the verge of a medical breakthrough that will change the world. His groundbreaking surgical treatment, using transplanted non-human stem cells, is set to eradicate the scourge of Alzheimer’s disease and give hope to millions. But when the procedure is slated for testing, it all comes to an abrupt and terrifying halt. Ritter’s colleague is gunned down and Ritter himself is threatened by a radical anti-abortion group that not only claims responsibility, but promises more of the same.

Faced with a dangerous reality but determined to succeed, Ritter turns to his long-time colleague, corporate biotech CEO Richard Stillman, for help. Together, they conspire to conduct a clandestine clinical trial in Seoul, Korea. But the danger is more determined, and more lethal, than Ritter could have imagined.

After successful surgical trials, Ritter and his allies are thrown into a horrifying nightmare scenario: The trial patients have been murdered and Ritter is the number one suspect. Aided by his beautiful lab assistant, Yeonhee, Ritter flees the country, now the target of an international manhunt involving Interpol, the FBI, zealous fanatics and a coldly efficient assassin named Fiest.

Dead End Deal is a fast paced, heart-pounding, and sophisticated thriller. Penned by master neurosurgeon, Allen Wyler—who often draws from experience, actual events and hotbutton issues when writing—Dead End Deal is unmatched as a technical procedural. Its medical and scientific details can impress even the most seasoned medical practitioners. And yet, the technical expertise is seamlessly woven into a riveting plot, with enough action and surprises to engross even the most well-read thriller enthusiast.
A smart, unique, page-turner, Dead End Deal delivers


  1. This sounds like the kind of thriller I'd enjoy, especially since the author is knowledgeable about the science in his book. I do wonder, however, why he named his main character Jon Ritter?
    My Teaser is from A VERY SOUTHERN AFFAIR.

  2. Interesting teaser and sounds like a good book.

    My Teaser Tuesday

  3. Cool teaser!!! This sounds very intriguing! Adding to my TBR list! Thanks for sharing! :D

    Here's My TT!

    Btw...I am a new follower! :)

    ~ Maida @ Literary Love Affair 

  4. very interesting, I studied Neuro in University....I'm adding this to my TBR pile!

    my TT

  5. Tease was good but the summary?... Want this book! On TBR list, thanks


    Here's my TT, it's from DUST OF MY WINGS ~ House Millar series


  6. Not my genre of choice, but I hope you enjoy reading!
    Here's mine:
    Michelle Shouts Random: Teaser Tuesdays
    P.S New follower! :)

  7. Sounds like an interesting thriller. I hope you're enjoying the book :)


  8. Not always easy to discover it but a great thriller always has obstacles

  9. Love the teaser!!

    Anyway here is my Teaser Tuesday!!

    I became a GFC follower while visiting too!

  10. Interesting thriller!


  11. Good attitude!

    I'm playing today too, at Beth Fish Reads

  12. I LOVE that teaser! This is one that I'm definitely going to gave to check out right away – thank you for sharing! :)

    Here’s mine:


  13. I enjoy crime books. This one looks interesting.
    I cannot wait to hear what you think about it
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  14. Oooh, I like the book already. Don't give up, Jon!


  15. True! I like that. Great line. Thanks for sharing it.

  16. I have this one for review, sounds like I'm going to like it.


  17. I HAVE TO READ THIS! Wow...
    Thanks so much for sharing it!
    Here's mine: http://canireadeverything.blogspot.com/2012/07/teaser-tuesday-july-31-2012.html
    Happy reading!

  18. Sounds like a deeply suspenseful novel.

  19. Great teaser! Interesting book!

  20. Sounds like a book with smart characters. Great teaser!

  21. It's been ages since I've read any kind of medical thriller. This sounds good, and I like the teaser.


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