Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday - I expected more from my current reads.....

Sheila over at Book Journey has an incentive for networking so go over and have fun while adding to your 2013 Wishlist.
Thank you so much for all the kind words last week.  My mom is enjoying her new knee, she is walking along our street now, I can't remember the last time she did that, years for sure.

I always read 1 book........ well this week I am reading two.  I started with a favourite author, Kristin Hannah and just couldn't get into it so I started I Hunt Killers, a highly recommended one since I loved Dan Wells I am not a Serial Killer.  In my opinion, no where as good but I am only 20% in.  I interviewed Dan Wells, you can find that on my sidebar if interested.  I am hoping 1 wins out soon.

So far I am wishing she had stopped at Firefly Lane and I LOVE Kristin Hannah so this is hurting me right now.


I do not know what is next but I am trying my best NOT TO BUY ebooks and to read what I have already but it is not working.  Sigh, why is it so hard for us not to buy and read what we have?  :-)

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Thanks for stopping by, enjoy the week.



  1. Yay for finding a book you could get into. I plan on reading I Hunt Killers soon too.

    Tanya Patrice

  2. I know. Why is it so hard? Happens to me quite often actually. Thank heavens for my library.

  3. I find it really easy to buy e-books when they are on sale, even books I might not have thought to read otherwise! I have so many unread e-books on my Kindle that I need to get caught up on.

    I haven't read Firefly Lane yet but I am sorry that the sequel is disappointing. I haven't read I Hunt Killers either but I did purchase it for the library.

  4. My book club was talking about Fly Away this week. Only one of us read it and she said that is was boring. It is a shame, because I loved the first book. Thank you for visiting my Monday post.
    Kathy (momwithabook).

  5. Because people keep writing such awesome books and we want to read ALL of them! And books are our kryptonite!

    I have steered away from Kristin Hannah, but I have been eyeballing (and own a copy) of I Hunt Killers. Hopefully, one of them clicks with you soon!

  6. Don't feel bad, I did not continue with Fly Away. I love Kristin's books. I may pick it up again, not sure.

  7. I have FLY AWAY.

    ENJOY your week.

    Silver's Reviews
    My It's Monday, What Are You Reading

  8. Glad your Mom is doing much better! But too bad about a so-so week of reading. I read Firefly Lane but not this one, so maybe I will just leave it lingering on my wishlist and not pick it up for the time being. I know you like serial killers (!) so hope you get into that second book to get your thrill fix for the week. Happy reading!

  9. Good to read your Mom is happy with her knee ad out on the street :).
    It is never nice when your books are not what you expected. Hope you will find one on your TBR that will make you happy again. Have a great week!

  10. Glad your moms recovery is going well. After 12 knee surgeries, hubby (retired NYPD) had 13 and 14 to replace :) thank goodness he's doing great after so many years of pain. Doesn't mean he's pain free, but much much better.

    Ack, I hate when a read just doesn't deliver! Reading a netgalley now, The Dominant which I find out after was damn Twilight fan-fic, supposedly before Fifty and just blah. The main is so boring and well, vanilla, lol. Christian had something this guy doesn't, though my feeling is still the last 2 of Fifty stunk.

    I have been pretty good and not purchasing books....that doesn't mean I haven't gotten some from or kindle freebies, just haven't forked over any $$$$ for em, eh eh eh ;)


  11. I hope I Hunt Killers starts to work for you. A lot of people seem to like it, though I haven't read it.

    I'm also trying not to buy that many books this summer, or at least mostly read books that I own already... I try not to buy any ebooks at the moment.

  12. You're not the first to say the new Hannah isn't up to her standard.

    I'm glad your mom is doing so great!

  13. My hubby had a knee replacement 2 years ago and he loves it, so glad your mother is doing good.

    I read KH's book "Fly Away" You can find my thoughts about the book at

    I hope you enjoy the other book.

  14. I hate when books aren't as good as you expect them to be. Especially because then I wonder if my expectations were to high or if it is my mood. I usually end up taking a break and going back to the book. Then if it still doesn't work I know it wasn't me but rather the book :) I hope one of these books picks up for you!!

  15. I've wanted to read Kristin Hannah for a long time. I hope her latest gets better for you!

  16. I love Kristin Hannah, I'm hoping to get to Fly Away in the next week or so but I'll be devastated if it's not up to par. Glad to hear your mum is doing well.
    Have a good week and happy reading :)

  17. I've heard great things about Kristin Hannah. I suppose it makes sense that some books are better than others, especially for an author who has written so many!

  18. I still haven't tried Hannah. I want to though!

  19. It is always a shame when a book is not as good as you hoped. I hope you have more luck coming week. (and glad to hear your mother is doing better)

    Have a good week & kind regards,

  20. Aww I hate that!! I hope they pick up and get better for you.


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