Saturday, January 22, 2011

In My Mailbox - Exciting Mix

In My Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by The Story Siren.

The idea of In My Mailbox is to bring books to the attention of our blog readers and to encourage interaction with other blogs.

I am trying my best to download on my Kindle and not order books but wowsa, what an exciting week of books in the Mailbox.

left Neglected

I preordered Lisa Genova's new one.  If you haven't read Still Alice, I highly recommend it.

The Tattoo Chronicles

The cover is incredible, packaged gorgeously, can't wait to go through this one. 

The Manufactured Identity

I received another copy from the author, this was my favourite book of 2010, review here.

The Human Obsession

I had an Exclusive here on my blog........ 

Thomas held his breath and wondered if the scattered rain drops and overgrown ferns would be enough to hide his body from the man hunting him ten feet away.

Don’t move.

As the raindrops moved more swiftly from their heavenly courts toward the softening dirt, he clutched his hands tighter around the metal cross now tearing into his palms and closed his eyes, trying to imagine his mother and father and brothers and sisters and all his school friends and all the people he never thought he cared about but now realized he may never see again.

You know you want to read more

I am soooooo excited to read these.


  1. OOh! You've got Left Neglected!! I am jealous ;) haha
    Happy Reading!

  2. OMG you got Kat Von D's book! I've been wanting to read that one.

    Happy Reading :)

  3. The Lisa Genoa is the one I want!

  4. I agree the cover with Kat is stunning. Did you hear she just got engaged to the Jesse fellow. Hmmm hope that one works out.

    Now back to books ... hope the Human Obsession comes with the same appeal as Manufactured Identity. Now go read ;)

  5. You got a lot of great looking books! I want to get my hands on Left Neglected.

  6. Left Neglected looks really good - still need to read Still Alice though. Enjoy them all :)

  7. Love the cover of Kat Von D's book! Bet it will be interesting! Enjoy!

  8. I have Left Neglected on my TBR list...looking forward to reading your review of it. I haven't read her other book - will have to look into it.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier today!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. Your books are all new to me, so I'll have to check those out. I'm a new follower.

  10. Thanks for visiting my blog! All new to me, going to check them out.

  11. Don't forget to sign up the giveaway of SOMETIMES I FEEL LIKE A NUT.

    I see you stopped by and commented on the book, but not sure if you entered the contest.

  12. These are all new to me, so I'm looking forward to your thoughts. Happy reading!

  13. I got my oldest dd Kat's book for Christmas, and dd # 2 had entered her make-up contest with Sephora last yr but didn't win :( they love her. They are also tattoo'd but no where near her amount!

    Tomes Devotee

  14. Love the covers on all of these! Also, I had no idea Kat Von D had a sister's a big fan of L.A. Ink so that might be a future birthday present, who knows. =) Happy reading!

  15. They all look great but I especially want to read the first one. I loved Still Alice...heart breaking but beautiful!

  16. I read (and reviewed) the eGalley of LEFT Neglected; I think I really want to check out Still Alice as well. I hope you enjoy it. I already have The Manufactured Identity on my wishlist, and I'll be looking for your review of The Human Obsession.


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