Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lending Feature available for KINDLE........

Have you heard the good news from Amazon.

Lending Kindle Books

Eligible Kindle books can be loaned once for a period of 14 days. The borrower does not need to own a Kindle -- Kindle books can also be read using our free Kindle reading applications for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, and Android devices. Not all books are lendable -- it is up to the publisher or rights holder to determine which titles are eligible for lending. The lender will not be able to read the book during the loan period.

Go here for the full details........

I LOVE my Kindle.  I have had it for a year now and definitely prefer reading on it over real books.  When I am not I miss the built in Dictionary and ability to highlight and write notes and don't talk about being in the mood to read something and less than a minute 'tah dah' you can :-)

The only issue now is seeing what books are actually available to lend.  I think I will make a list of what ebooks I have that are available.

Have you tried this feature yet?


  1. I haven't. Mainly because it only gives me two weeks to try the book I've borrowed. But then again, if I knew a friend had something I wanted and would read immediately it would be worth it. Good question!

    I realllly want to try Eat Pray Love. Anyone have that on the Kindle that I can borrow? :)

  2. I agree Juju, I am a mood reader so I would only request from a friend when I am going to read it immediately.

    I don't have Eat Pray Love, sorry.

  3. I don't have a ereader but I have my ipod touch with kindle on it but I haven't tried lending anything yet.

  4. I'm trying to think if I could use this to lend books I read on my Kindle and then write a review. I've been doing a giveaway of regular books, but what about a lend/giveaway of the book. Do you think that people would like that? They would only have 2 weeks to read it, but still...

  5. I just received a Nook for Christmas and I'm still trying to learn what it can do. I love a real book and kind of looked down on e-readers, but I have to admit, I was wrong. It is pretty exciting to be able to get a book instantly and carry around a ton of them, all hidden in that neat little device. Lesson learned! LOl...

  6. Yes, my daughter e-mailed me this good news. I think it is awesome!

  7. I'm looking forward to when this comes to the UK, it's a great idea! :)

  8. This is awesome!! Dd turns 30 on Sunday and we've bought her one, I know she'll love it as much as I love mine!

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