Thursday, November 29, 2012

Review - They Won't Be Missed by Skyler West

Book Summary

The homeless are restless. One by one, they’re going missing.
For years, Mark Casey lived on the streets. But those days are behind him. He’s holding down a job and getting his life back on track.
But when a homeless man reaches out for help, it kick starts a chain of events that could see Mark lose everything, including his young daughter.
Until now, no one had noticed the homeless were missing. But for Mark, the cards are stacked against him. He’s getting too close. They’re watching him. He’s wanted for crimes he didn’t commit. And soon he realises what is happening is on a far larger scale than he could ever imagine.
A plot of unspeakable evil is occurring in the city, and Mark, whose choices are limited, risks becoming one of the missing to find out …

My Review - 3

I really enjoyed the first half of the book, a cop who had been through hard times, lived on the streets, worked through it and now is trying to prove he can have his daughter full time.  Mark is a little hot headed but we realise this is a coping mechanism that needs to be reformed.  He is so close to getting his daughter when we are caught by surprise with an unspeakable scene, immediately catches your attention and puts you on edge.

Mark ends up in the wrong place at the wrong time, acting as a good Samaritan with the responsibility of a cop.  He gets involved in what looks like an innocent situation.  Those from the top don't like it and make his life hell with one tragic decision.

In order to prove his worth and the continuation of meeting his personal goal, his daughter, he starts investigating informally.

This is where the book took a dive for me.  I do not enjoy dystopian, other world type books and I felt this one went to far to the unbelievable.  I think sticking to a true secret experiment would have been more believable and getting a more in depth reason on why would have helped.

It all came together at the end but I really didn't enjoy the second half at all and had issues with story connections.  Some scenes could have been better and history of characters should have been more flushed out.

I did enjoy the concept of using homeless people and the experiment undertaken.  Also, it felt like two books into one, I just didn't buy this mix of genres.



  1. Interesting review! I'm not sure if this is a book that I would enjoy or not but I'm definitely intrigued.

  2. That's too bad it ended up disappointing.

  3. Dystopian huh, sounds like it's something I may enjoy more than you do. I am loving this genre...

  4. From your description of this book, it showed have been amazing. Too bad it didn't add up.


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