Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Creating a Blog Badge - do you like this?

I am looking at images and came across this one.

Do you like this as a Blog Badge for my blog?

Your thoughts are apprecited.

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  1. It's SUPER cute but a little too hard to read ;)
    From a distance I wouldn't be able to figure out the words.

    Maybe something like this:

  2. This blogger has some great free images:

  3. My personal favs:

  4. I like it... I really should do a badge of my own.


  5. Thanks Jeanne and Juju
    I think I am going to choose a few favourites and do a poll or post about it.

    Juju I was wondering if it will be to much for the eye....

    I had a few images on my computer and it died so I have to start the search again, this was one of my favourites as it is creative and different.

  6. It's cute! But a little busy, I think. And like Juju said, it might be hard to read once it's in a smaller size.

    from Une Parole

  7. Ann, you should - I decided to add some blogs to my sidebar as easy daily access for me and 2 I love don't have badges.

    Steph and Emidy, thanks for responding also.

    I agree that it may be to busy, will try again.

    Thanks everyone

  8. I love that teapot, but I think Juju has a point about the readability once it's smaller. Good look choosing your badge!

  9. It is very cute! I do agree on the readability.


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