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Review - Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk on Kindle

Book Summary

Chuck Palahniuk's darkly funny first novel tells the story of a disenfranchised young man frustrated with his bureaucratic job and superficial relationships and disillusioned with the consumer culture's prepackaged pleasures. Relief for him and his peers comes in the form of Tyler Durden, the intensely charismatic inventor of Fight Club. Waiters, clerks, and middlemen seek out the visceral satisfaction of secret after-hours boxing matches in the basements of bars, thinking they have found a way to live beyond their confining and stultifying lives. But in Tyler's world there are no rules, no limits, no brakes.


My Review - 3 1/2 More Sugar Please


If you want to read a book about Misery Loves Company, then this is for you, all the details included, violence, graphic portrays of madness, disgusting actions that may make you stop going to restaurants etc. Imagine purposely being bad to get God's attention. Teaser "If you could be either God's worst enemy or nothing, which would you choose?" Can you say Effed up in the head :-0 This is the kind of humour that was also portrayed. (note - sorry if that offended anyone)

There were times I loved every second of this book and others that I hated. At one point I had to put it down and take a break. (I started a Lisa Schroeder verse book, very light, it was needed)

What I loved about this book. We were in the head of the main character that had insomnia. I get thrills when I feel a characters motives, thoughts etc, this part was great, mentally twisted but great. Teaser - "Insomnia is just the symptom of something larger. Find out what's actually wrong. Listen to your body."

The Fight Club had rules - The first rule is you don't talk about fight club. The second rule is you don't talk about fight club. I loved how these repeated rules played into the ending of the book.

Approximately 60% through Chuck drops the twist in, it felt like he slapped me awake and I devoured the rest of the book. This was definitely a psychological thriller.

If I was able to read this straight through I would have given it a 4 but I did have to step away from the 'craziness'.

Will I try another Chuck book - absolutely!

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  1. I absolutely adore this film; it is such a wonderful postmodern look at the state of manhood in contemporary society. Okay enough of the intelligentsia speak. It's a twisted thrill ride through some seriously dark and scary places both inside the mind and outside the body. Now I have to shamefully admit that I have never read the book. I'm scared to because of how much I enjoy the film...

  2. I'm glad I gotto read your review! I've been curious about a Chuck Palahniuk book for a while, and your review gives me an idea of what to expect! Good job!

  3. Great review! I so look forward to reading this book. It's exactly what I love in a book.

  4. BTW - I watched the movie when it came over which is like forever ago. I loved it but didn't remember it from reading the book other then the violent fights.

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed this book! I haven't read anything by this author but I've heard that some of his other books aren't so great. Perhaps I'll pick this one up!

    from Une Parole


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