Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Review - Tell-Tale by Sam Hayes

From Back Cover


A woman stands on a bridge, the river rushing below.. In seconds she will jump, plunging over two hundred feet to the bottom. Who is she? And why is she desperate to take her own life?


Nina Kennedy, a wife and mother, is afraid. A man is following her, toying with her sanity, watching her beloved family. What does he want? And how long will it be before he strikes?


Eight year old Ava is waiting for her daddy. But, like the others in the children's home, she knows her father will never come. The home is a place of whispers and shadows, where no one dare speak the truth. Until now....

Three desperate strangers. One shocking secret. Who will live to tell the chilling tale?

My review

OMG this was a jaw dropping can't believe it race to the end adult fiction thriller. Go and buy this one now.

I highly recommend this one friends and because I haven't seen it on the blogsphere, I wanted to 'promote' it, maybe I will contact the author. Tell-Tale was mentioned as a Tuesday Teaser earlier in the year and i'm glad I marked it. I will definitely read her other books now, so a new author for me, yaay. I only read approx 1 book a week and most are approx 350 pages, well this was a chunkster at 501 pages and I still finished it in a week, it was that good. I stayed up until 2am last night finishing, I just had to know the outcome.

Three stories that has the best ending I have ever read, I didn't see it coming. Sam Hayes did a remarkable job on keeping you glued to the stories wanting to know is there a connection and what could it be. I love Nina's story it was captivating with so much suspense. Ava's story was scary and heartbreaking, my heart raced when hers raced and I wanted to run with her, the detail had you right there. The stories took the saying 'don't be a tell-tale' to the extreme, just jaw dropping really.

I can't talk about the book because any detail will be a possible spoiler. I will say this is a story about pedophiles in case that is a topic you choose not to read about.

I could not find this on Amazon because it is Amazon.uk but go to Book Depository, they ship for free worldwide.

What do you think I rated this one??? :-)

5 - Tea Time Perfection, I can't wait to pass this one on to friends and discuss further.

I recommend this one as a book club read and possibly a spin could be to take notes on what you think is happening and will be the outcome. I bet you are wrong.

Read this one for the Thriller and Suspense Challenge.

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  1. WOW holy cow this sounds intense and amazing - off to add it to my wish list!

  2. Great review. Sounds like something I would not be able to put down.

  3. Wow! Great review--I am going to check this one out on Goodreads!

  4. OoOoh, sounds awesome, and super intense! Adding this to my TBR right away!

  5. Wow sounds like a great read!! Adding it to TBR :) Too bad my library doesn't have it...

  6. Definitely going to check this one out! I love suspenseful, shocking reads! Thanks for bringing this one to my attention!!

  7. I hadn't heard of this one so I'm glad you shared it.

    Also, I got my book (yesterday or today, not exactly sure when it was delivered), thanks so much!!

  8. Oh, that sounds good! I wouldn't have thought of it as a book club selection, but I like that idea. I may add it to one of our lists!

  9. Hi Marce and everyone else!

    Thanks so much for such a fab review, Marce. It really means the world to hear from readers and know that my books have thrilled and entertained. I have two other psychological thrillers published before Tell Tale - Blood Ties and Unspoken - again, emotional roller-coasters based around families. Again, lots of twists! And a little plug - my latest novel, Someone Else's Son, is out in the UK in September.

    Happy reading all!

    Very best wishes,


  10. OH WOW!!! What an intense sounding book! Just the cover makes you feel an urgency. Thanks for bringing this book to my attention and the awesome review!!! Off to amazon I go.... lol


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