Thursday, August 5, 2010

Countdown to Blogversary - Ideas, What do you think?

I just realised August was my blog anniversary date.  I did my 1st intro post on August 29 when I had no idea what I was doing or even wanted to do with my blog.  I got my 1st comment on September 3.

So I am thinking about what I should do for my Blogversary. I will announce everything on Sunday, Aug 29.

Here are some of my ideas:

  • Start my own Challenge, I don't want to announce it yet but wanted ask YOU, should I start a new challenge running Sept 1, 2010 to August 31, 2011 or December 1, 2010 to November 30, 2011?
  • Start a new meme as I get excited about something everytime I read a book but haven't seen anyone discuss it.  Are you tired of meme's or happy to see new one's?  I would probably choose Thursday's. I am happy to take a risk of it being a Hit or a Miss.
  • Of course I will hold an International Giveaway, not sure about details yet but it will run from Aug 29 to Sept 3.
Sorry about being vague, but don't want to give all the details and then decide to wait and the idea be implemented by someone else.

It is exciting to see that in 1 year I am very close to getting 200 followers.  I am still learning new things and I am so excited Blogger assisted with making hyperlinks easy, I totally could not get it even with the help of a few bloggers, hahaha

Reading is my escape from the stress but now blogging and networking with you has become my addiction, my simple pleasure, that I never want to give up.

So if your choice was between A New Challenge or A New Meme what would you choose?

Thanks for visiting Tea Time with Marce, I appreciate you.


  1. Wow, the time sure has flown by hasn't it? A blogiversary is exciting!

  2. Congrats to you...I can't wait to see what you come up with! I'm not really sure what I would prefer as far as a meme or challenge. I suppose it would depend what they both entail.

  3. Blogging makes the days zoom by so much faster. Suddenly the week is done just like that. I am so glad I found your blog and will get the chance to witness this milestone anniversary soon!!!

  4. Hhhhmmm, I love challenges. I find that I'm on almost everyday and that's too much for me so another meme just adds to my time online. Congrats on 1 yr, doesn't it go fast?!

    Tomes Devotee

  5. Looks like you've got lots of great ideas! You've had a great first year.

  6. I love new memes, especially if it's unique, fun, different, and really lets not only the host but his/her readers as well to participate! Congratulations by the way! A year is no joke :)

  7. Happy upcoming blogoversary!I think either of meme or challenge would be great =)

  8. Congrats, Marce!

    Hosting a challenge would be neat. Personally I would try to initiate it as close to your blogoversary as possible, so I think Sept. 1 would be the best.

    As far as memes go--I love them. If you come up with a unique meme, I would definitely participate!

  9. You know me, I'm a challenge addict. So obviously, my vote would be for that.

    Happy upcoming blogversary!!

  10. I vote meme!

    Happy soon-to-be anniversary :)

  11. I can't vote, I can't decide, but wish you the best!

  12. congrats!!

    prob meme over challenges, though I usually don't do memes regularly... but unique ones are always fun!

    challenges - since I don't even know if I can finish the ones I have signed on, I'm shying away from signing up more!!

  13. Congratulations on your one year blogoversary! Isn't it funny how blogging has become so addictive? I have to make sure I schedule reading time, else I'd spend all of my time online! *L*

    Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, as challenges and memes are both fun!

  14. Congrats to your almost 1 year blogoversary!

    I'm torn between a challenge and a new meme. I'm not much help am I? Lol! I think I'm leaning more towards a challenge though.

  15. how exciting to come up on your blogoversy! I have awhile. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

  16. Wow! Congrats to your one year of blogging! It sure feels wonderful, right? All those ideas sound good to me!


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