Saturday, August 7, 2010

Review - The Sculptor by Gregory Funaro on Kindle

Book Summary

Killing Is An Art

In life, they were flawed. In death, they are perfect works of art--killed, preserved, and carefully molded into replicas of Michelangelo's most celebrated creations. Only The Sculptor can bring forth their true beauty and teach the world to appreciate his gift.

He Is The Master

FBI Special Agent Sam Markham has a reputation for tracking serial killers, but this artful adversary is meticulous, disciplined, and more ruthless than any he's encountered. The only clue is a note dedicating the latest "statue" to Cathy Hildebrant, an art historian who shares Sam's fear that the killing has just begun.
And She Is The Perfect Subject

In a quiet Rhode Island town, The Sculptor shapes his latest macabre creation, waiting for Cathy to draw nearer so that his message can be understood at last. And the only way to save her is for Sam to unlock a psychopath's twisted mind before his final, terrifying masterpiece is revealed. . .

My Review - 4 Good to the Last Drop
I enjoyed this one, it is creepy, graphic and disturbing, in my opinion not scary though.  OMG the beginning really grabbed me, The Michelangelo Killer creating amazing sculptures to display and it was people inside of them, WOW.  The description in the book had you right there with the victims, being tortured by The Sculptor, but with love and perfection.
The serial killer used a book as his motivation and the detectives used this through out the investigation and the author went into detail of art history, I thought this was good and I enjoyed it but it may be a bit to much detail for others.  Everyone having different interpretations and trying to figure out the Michelangelo Killer was interesting, I kind of wish I had it also.
The suspense I enjoyed was the huge WHY and in the ending the author did an amazing job at bringing it all together.  I did find the the whole scene when they met the Sculptor completely unbelievable but still enjoyable. 
I would love to discuss this one further with any bloggers that have read or will read it.  I enjoyed the premise, I was completely intrigued.
This is one for the true fans of the Thriller Genre.
Amazon recommended this one to me, I am pleased with the recommendations they give me from what I choose to read.
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  1. I love thrillers! I have added the first book in this series to my TBR list....

  2. I do love a good thriller! This one sounds disturbing and scary to me!

  3. This sounds awesome, thanks for the review! I'm definitely adding this to my wishlist :)


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