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Review - Crank by Ellen Hopkins (Verse Novel) on Kindle

Book Summary from Ellen Hopkins website

Ellen Hopkins wrote:  CRANK, is loosely based on my older daughter's story of addiction to crystal meth.

Crank began as a personal exploration of the "why's' behind my daughter's decisions, and what part I might have played in them.

By writing the story from "my daughter's" perspective, I learned a lot, both about her, and about myself.  But I also learned a lot about the nature of addiction, and the physiology of this particular substance.  For those struggling with similar addictions, there is help, but the road to recovery is not easy.  The addict has to want to get well.  Rehabilitation cannot be forced.

For those who love someone struggling with addiction, learn as much as you can about how a substance works on the brain.  This will help divorce you from the overwhelming emotion involved.

My Review - Good to the Last Drop

I thoroughly enjoyed this book but wished it wasn't in Verse, that part didn't really do it for me but the story was amazing, you go through emotions reading this.  Anger, disgust, and sympathy were my main feelings and this is how the author won me over, I enjoy going through emotions when reading a story.

Kristina starts using meth which is called The Monster, Crank, and then she becomes Bree, the devil on one shoulder and the angel on the other shoulder is Kristina.

It was quite interesting how we heard from Kristina or Bree and the back and fourth, pull and push, but the Bree on Crank always won over.

The story of the downward spiral of destruction felt so real and was quite an eye opener.  As a parent it made me question what I would do.  I tell myself I would ask my child if they were on drugs and if I felt all the signs were there I would somehow get them tested and get the help they needed.  This is what I tell myself but of course you never know until you are in the hard situation and have to make the decision.  So many story lines were just so unbelievable but I am not naive and know they are true and happen ever day, sad sad sad.

This is a dark story but one that is so important.

Here is a verse passage.

Did it show?

I mean I'd
the monster
the monster
the monster
but I hadn't
the monster
in over a month.
Hadn't even seen it.
Thought I might be over it.
Was it still alive in me?
Could it still have such
a solid hold on me?

I have to say I think Verse Novels are becoming my simple pleasures.  Lisa Schroeders books were my first taste and I love them. Do you have any to recommend?

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  1. I tried one book in Verse and struggle through it so I'm not sure this would work for me. I'm glad you enjoyed it, though.

  2. I borrowed this a while back but returned it as there was a hold and I ran out of time... I am not into poetry/verse, so wasn't sure how I'd like it... I may still give it a try in the future! Are you going to read the next books?

  3. I think that this books sounds amazing and VERY interesting. I really need to request it from the library and give it a try. Thanks for the great review!

  4. Kathy, I would recommend I heart you, You haunt me by Lisa Shroeder as an amazing Verse Novel to try.

    Christa, I loved this story but not in Verse so I think I will pass on the continuing of the series but this story was definitely worth reading.

    Samantha, thanks for commenting, hope you enjoy it.

  5. I haven't read a novel in verse for a loong time. But this sounds enthralling. I like that you included info about the author's inspiration at the beginning of the review!

  6. I never read anything in Verse. But it sounds interesting. Hope I'll change my mind soon and give it a try ;p

  7. Great review. I read this book, and thought it was wonderful despite the sadness of it. I kind of like that it was in verse. I write poetry and songs, so maybe that was why. Keep it shiny sweetie.

  8. Wow, that's one heavy subject. I've never read a book in verse before.

    To answer your ? about the book club, I'll pick the 1st book, them put up 2-3 and have the members vote on the next. Or maybe have a new member pick for each month. I'm flexible and will play it by ear.

    Tomes Devotee

  9. Great review!! I have never read a verse novel but am now curious regarding them. I wonder what I would do as a parent. Sounds like a very thought provoking book.

  10. For the book club, we'll go right through the alphabet. If we can't find an author for that letter by some chance we'll go to the next letter.

    I'm sure we'll get it smooth by the time we get going

    Tomes Devotee

  11. I wish this book was not in verse format either, because I don't very much enjoy it. But I'm glad to hear that the story is really good, because that's one of the things I was interested in about this book. Maybe I will give it a try some time.

  12. This sounds like a powerful story! However, like others, I wish it were in prose. It sounds like you loved it though. Great review!

  13. I was drawn to this book because of the subject matter, but I'd read Hopkins' other verse novel Identical and really struggled with that format.

    So I probably won't read this one, which is sad, since the story sounds really powerful.

    Great review.


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