Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Day 3 - BBAW - Because of bloggers I have loved these books

What have you read and loved because of a fellow blogger?

I use LibraryThing to organize my books: Wishlist, Kindle, Bookshelf, the monthly book club read and WHO RECOMMENDED the book.  I really like that I keep this information.

It was interesting to look back on this actually.

Matthew from A Guys Moleskine Notebook wrote a kick ass review of........

Matthew's Review

My Review - I just had a mini meltdown, I deleted my 5star review by mistake.  I didn't post to LibraryThing but thank goodness I did to Goodreads, sigh, I will have to fix this later.  Immediate headache and tears........... a 5star review, ok I'm breathing again.

Sandy from You've GOTTA read this blog - Her Review and  Ath's blog Reading on a Rainy Day

I have many on my list from Sandy actually, I never realized this before.

My Review - this was my 1st True Crime and Graphic novel

This blogger doesn't blog anymore but her is my review.

Another that I can't find the blogger anymore - My Review

Christa from the blog Mental Foodie: A Book and Food Lover (note we are online friends, she hasn't officially blogged in a few months but hasn't official gave up)  We have recommended many books to each other.

My review - I also had my book club read this, loved it

And the last one I will feature is from Natalie's blog - Coffee and Book Chick

Natalie's Review

My Review

Outside of blogger recommendation I would say Amazon has the best personal recommendations for me so far.  They are great at giving book ideas similar to books I have read and enjoyed.

I want to highlight these recommended books to me from my favourite bloggers:

Samantha from Booked on a Feeling - Silent Scream by Angela Marsons - My current read is from Sam also, Eeny Meeny by MJ Alridge and many more.  I add to my list often from Sam.

Kathy from Bermudaonion blog - The Third Wife by Lisa Jewell and The Color of Tea by Hannah Tunnicliffe

Michelle from That's what she read - The Winter Girl by Matt Marinovich, How to be a Good Wife by Emma Chapman and Mind of Winter by Laura Kasischke

Nicola from Back to Books - Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter

Reading with Jade - Marble Collector by Ceclia Ahern

Nise from Under the Boardwalk - The Guilty One by Lisa Ballantyne



  1. I loved The Human Bobby too. I was just looking the other day to see if he's written anything else. Thanks for the shout out.

  2. My mystery group is discussing INTO THE DARKEST CORNER in a couple of weeks. I'm hoping that I haven't pushed them too far with this one. I liked it a lot, but it's a grim. Not for me, but for some of them. PRETTY GIRLS - another grim one, but I love Karin Slaughter's books. And EENY MEENY, enjoy, enjoy. That one is really good.

    Some great bloggers here with wonderful suggestions. :-)

  3. Thanks, Marce, for including me! You have a great list of books AND bloggers here.

  4. Thanks for the mention! Great to see Robert Bloch on there. Psycho is great and I've read a lot of his short stories. Superb writer!

  5. OUTside of bloggers -- that's interesting! According to my statistics, outside of bloggers, I get a few recommendations from professional reviews, I pick up a few books randomly, and I get psyched about a few from flipping through publishers' catalogs. But bloggers account for most of them!

  6. I used to keep track of who recommended what but haven't been lately. Maybe I need to start again. Great list!

  7. Thank you for the shout-out! I wish I made a better note of who recommended what to me. I do that occasionally but then I go through phases where I forget to do it. Oh, and thank goodness you found a copy of your review in Goodreads - I would freak out if I accidentally deleted something as well.

  8. I do get the best recs from my fellow bloggers :)

  9. Into the Darkest Corner was my introduction to Elizabeth Haynes, and oh my gosh, do I love her books. The other books you mention are not ones I have read, but they all sound good, Marce. As if my wish list isn't long enough. :-)

    I wish I was better at keeping track of books recommended to me. It would be easier if I used Goodreads as my wish list too, but I only add books I have read. I don't know why I'm so stubborn about it. Haha

    I love your blog, by the way!

  10. Elizabeth Haynes is one of my favourite authors. I'm definitely reading all the books she write. :-)

    You've a great list there so I'll have to check them out. Thanks for visiting my blog, Marce!

  11. I just added "into the darkest corner' to my wish list. I've had so much fun this week checking in to see what other bloggers are reading and writing about!

  12. I do love these BBAW posts - I loved Into a Darkest Corner too although I read it before I started blogging and I'm definitely going to check out Green River Killer!

  13. My wishlist grows by at least one or two books every time I read through my bloglovin' feed - so many great books to be found.

    Thanks for the mention - Cecelia Ahern's books are great when you're looking for something of a lighter read.

    Reading With Jade

  14. A few of these I have wanted to read forever. I must get to them!

  15. Thanks for the shout-out!! I'm so so bad with blogging this past couple of years... including visiting my blogger friends!! I'm glad we're connected in another way though. I am still waiting for some mind-blowing books... (though I have to say movie wise, I really quite like Interstellar - a very creative concept!) The next book I'm reading is promising... but we'll see... if it's good then I'll blog...

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